SNL Transcripts: Matt Damon: 10/05/02: Springsteen Concert


 Saturday Night Live Transcripts

  Season 28: Episode 1

02a: Matt Damon / Bruce Springsteen & The E Street Band

Springsteen Concert

Sully…..Jimmy Fallon
Denise…..Rachel Dratch
Frank…..Horatio Sanz
Scotty Skayner…..Matt Damon

Sully: Hey Tommy, hows the audio? Keep the camera under your shirt, its contraband. Alright, this is Pat Sullivan, coming to you live from the second row of the Fleet Centre. I’m at the Bruce Springsteen concert courtesy of my cousin Scotty Skayner.

Scotty: YEAH!!

Sully: He was the 104th caller on W.R.O.W.

Scotty: I know exactly when to call!! I’m like a numbers whiz like that queer on ‘Good Will Hunting’.

Both: BRUCE!!!

Sully: Yeah, Skayner won 2 top notch tickets.

Scotty: Yeah, I was gonna bring my girlfriend but her water broke.

Sully: Such is my good fortune. Now when attending a Springsteen concert, one must bring in certain provisions for the long night ahead. Binoculars, full of grain alcohol (opens one of the eye pieces of the binoculars and pours liquid into his mouth).

Scotty: I ain’t paying $6 for a beer. Who do you think I am – Regis?

Sully: Number 2: Line your pockets with plastic bags.

Scotty: Insert Tor-till-ia chips.

Sully: Have your friend or loved one pour in scolding hot cheese. (Scotty dips a chip into the bag of cheese)


Scotty: I just saved another $14, so suck on that Fleet Centre!! You’ll never be the Garden!!

Sully: And finally, if your girlfriend doesn’t have a ticket, wrap her legs around these velvet ribs and strap Zazoo across your engine. (Sully unbuttons his jacket and Zazoo jumps out)

Denise: ZAZOO!!!! Next time we do this, you gotta tone down the dry-con-wah.

Sully: That’s fruit you whore!

Denise: You’re a whore!

Sully: You are!

Denise: I am. (Sully and Denise start making out)

Scotty: God, I swear to god, I am so pumped up for Bruce. His music represents the life of the working man. (Sully ad Denise stop kissing)

Denise: What would you know about working, Skayner?

Scotty: I work. I’m a beer liaison for the under-aged.

Denise: Yeah, I’ve seen your corner office next to the dumpster at Cappy’s Liquors.

Scotty: Shut up!

Denise: You shut up!

Scotty: Sully, who wears the pants in this relationship?

Sully: No one, when it’s going good!!

Scotty: Well you better tell your woman to shut up!

Denise: Oh my god, Sully he can’t talk to me like that, alright? Only two people can tell me to shut up. My mother and her boyfriend, and last time I checked Skayner, you and my mother weren’t going out no more.

Scotty: She broke my heart.

Sully: Come on Denise, lay off Skayner, he comes from a broken home.

Scotty: Yeah, literally! My dad drove his Skylark through our bay window.

Denise: Irregardless! (to Scotty) You are working my last nerve.

Sully: (to Denise) You are!! (they start making out, then Frank appears holding a large tray of beers and they stop)

Frank: Hey dudes. You thirsty?

Sully: Whoa Frank, you got a job selling beer?

Frank: No. (He drinks one of the beers) Hey I saw a set list on google-dot-com. Bruce is going to play for like 7 hours. I hope he plays ‘Justice Girl’. (walking away) BRUCE SPRINGFIELD!!

Denise: 7 hours! Skayner, you’re totally going to miss the birth of your child!

Scotty: Oh look it! The fact is, I’m 100% sure that this is Bruce Springsteen, I’m only like 60% sure that’s my kid.

Sully: Yeah, unlike Skayner’s kid, Bruce isn’t going to surprise everyone by coming out half black!

Scotty: Oh look!! Here we go, here we go!! (the entire crowd of begin cheering) Hey, hey, hey, HEY!! Let me make something abundantly clear. I don’t want any of you drunks singing along to ‘Thunder road’ in my ear. I came here to see the boss, not the shipping department at ‘Circuit City’. And I got a sock full of penny’s for anyone who thinks I am joking!! (Scotty starts twirling the sock around) WHO WANTS IT? WHO WANTS IT? (he stops)

(Bruce begins to play, as the crowd goes wild. ‘Dancing in the Dark’ begins to play’)

Denise: Oh my god.

Sully: Dancing in the dark, interesting choice…

Denise: He’s looking right at me, OH MY GOD!! (a spotlight goes onto Denise and she walks towards the stage)

Scotty: No way!! (A hand grabs Denise’s and Sully and Scotty try to help her up)

Sully: Get up there girl!! Get up there!!

Scotty: Use your legs!!

Denise: (to Bruce) I can’t believe it!!

Sully: This is what you get for skipping Phys. Ed.

Scotty: Your upper arm strength is sorely lacking.

Denise: Get me up here. (to Bruce) Your so gorgeous!!

Sully: It’s the jugs!! He can’t lift the jugs!! (they give up, and another Bruce grabs another girls hand and pulls her onto stage)

Denise: Oh my god, I’m wicked devastated!!

Sully: Don’t be sad Zazoo, I’d rather dance with you than Courtney Cox.

Denise: Awww… (they start making out)

Scotty: Not me, I’d take Cox any day! Give me Cox all the time, I want Cox all over me!! (Sully and Denise stop making out)

Sully: Oh my god, Tommy please tell me you got any one of those! (the camera nods yes, and Sully and Denise make out again)

(fade out)

Submitted by: Roseanne S.

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