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  Season 28: Episode 4

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November 2nd, 2002

Eric McCormack



Steve Higgins

Lenny Kravitz

Giuliani’s Endorsement AdsSummary: Rudolph Giuliani (Darrell Hammond) pre-records campaign endorsements.

Recurring Characters: Rudolph Giuliani.


Eric McCormack’s MonologueSummary: When audience members think Eric McCormack is gay in real-life, he performs a musical number in order to prove them wrong.


The BachelorSummary: One-legged Amber (Amy Poehler) wants to be bachelor Aaron’s (Eric McCormack) wife.

Recurring Characters: Amber.

Game NightSummary: Rachel (Rachel Dratch) goes on a rampage when she loses a game of Celebrity.

Talarico For CongressSummary: Andy Talarico (Chris Kattan) advises voters to call Ellen Frenkel (Rachel Dratch).


Frankel For CongressSummary: Ellen Frenkel (Rachel Dratch) tells voters to call Andy Talarico (Chris Kattan).


American MorningSummary: The morning news takes a back seat when Paula Zahn (Tina Fey) falls in love with her co-host, Brent Dunlop (Eric McCormack).

Recurring Characters: Paula Zahn.


Fairness in Attack AdsSummary: Call Ellen Frankel (Rachel Dratch), not Andy Talarico (Chris Kattan).


Jay-Z & Lenny Kravitz perform “Guns & Roses”

Weekend Update with Jimmy Fallon & Tina FeySummary: Gene Shalit (Horatio Sanz) makes bad puns for the movies he didn’t like. A desktop dance rap is performed by Jay-Z crew member Baby K (Jeff Richards).

Recurring Characters: Gene Shalit, Baby K.


The BullhornSummary: A judge (Will Forte) is angered when a defendant (Eric McCormack) repeatedly interrupts trial proceeings by blaring multiple bullhorns.


VerizonSummary: Andy Talarico’s (Chris Kattan) phones have been disconnected.


Z105Summary: Councilman Bill Gik (Eric McCormack) is unable to get a word in while a guest on multi-character disc jockey Joey Mack’s (Jimmy Fallon) morning zoo.

Recurring Characters: Joey Mack.


John Hancock Life InsuranceSummary: Insurance packages that specialize in the most extreme worst-case scenarios.


Jay-Z & Beyonce perform “03 Bonnie & Clyde”

Jackass: The MusicalSummary: An actor portrays Johnny Knoxville (Eric McCormack) in a traditional musical performance, complete with puke.

Reggie’s StoriesSummary: Barmaid (Maya Rudolph) sets Reggie (Tracy Morgan) straight on his tall-tale stories.


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