SNL Transcripts: Eric McCormack: 11/02/02: Talarico For Congress

 Saturday Night Live Transcripts

  Season 28: Episode 4

02d: Eric McCormack / Jay-Z

Talarico For Congress

Andy Talarico…..Chris Kattan
Ellen Frankel…..Rachel Dratch

Andy Talarico Voiceover: The following is paid for by Friends of Talarico For Congress.

Voiceover: Ellen Frankel is at it again, frightening seniors and lying about Andy Talarico’s record.

Fact: According to the New York Times, Andrew Talarico did not vote to privatize social security.

No wonder Andrew Talarico has been called “our seniors’ best friend in Congress.” Call Ellen Frankel, tell her to stop frightening seniors, and to stop the lies.

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