SNL Transcripts: Eric McCormack: 11/02/02: Verizon

 Saturday Night Live Transcripts

  Season 28: Episode 4

02d: Eric McCormack / Jay-Z


Andy Talarico…..Chris Kattan
Ellen Frankel…..Rachel Dratch

Voiceover: How big a hypocrite is Andy Talarico? According to the Asbury Park Press, Mr. Talarico has run a campaign based almost exclusively on asking people to call Ellen Frankel. But, now, when voters try to call him, they’re told his number’s not in service.

Operator Recording: ..The number you have reached is no longer in service..

Voiceover: That’s right – all phones at Talarico Campaign Headquarters have been disconnected.

Operator Recording: ..No further information is available at this time..

Voiceover: Fact: Andy Talarico’s home phone number is 201-555-0199. Call Andy Talarico at home. Tell him that disconnecting his phones is unfair to Ellen Frankel, and a dirty way to win an election.

Andy Talarico. Wrong for seniors. Wrong to disconnect his phones.

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