Joe Hetero

02i: Jeff Gordon / Avril Lavigne

Joe Hetero

Joe…..Seth Meyers
Woman…..Amy Poehler

[ open on image of backside shot of Joe riding on a horse ] [ SUPER: “Meet Joe” ]

Announcer: This ordinary Joe just inherited a fortune.

[ dissolve to extravagent mansion, visual of women walking out of the mansion ] [ SUPER: “20 Women” ]

Announcer: And these are the twenty women who are vying for his heart.

[ dissolve to one of the women, who wears a cowboy hat ]

Woman: He’s a hottie!

[ dissolve to Joe slow dancing with that woman ]

Announcer: And this is the secret you’ll know from the very beginning:

[ SUPER: “Joe is stone-cold gay” ]

Announcer: Joe.. is stone-cold gay!

[ dissolve to close-up of Joe ]

Joe: Y’all look fierce in those gowns!

[ dissolve to title graphic ]

Announcer: “Joe Hetero”. Coming soon on FOX.

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