02l: Jennifer Garner / Beck


Woman…..Rachel Dratch
Man…..Horatio Sanz

[ commercial parody is interspersed with scenes of the Clappin’ group clapping like wild ]

Announcer: From the producers of Stomp and Blast, it’s Broadway’s hottest new sensation: “Clappin'”!

USA Today calls it the “most groundbreaking theater to come along so far in 2003. Put your hands together for “Clappin'”!”

[ cut to pair of attendees ]

Woman: Usually, I don’t unerstand musicals. But, um.. this is great! Three hours of nothing but clapping!

[ show more scenes of clapping ]

Announcer: The Chicago Tribune calls it “high energy.. loud.. clap-filled.”

You’ll get caught red-handed having a good time! Unlike anything you’ve ever witnessed before. Three hours of non-stop clappin’!

And the finale, representing the clapping style of foreign lands.

[ cut to male attendee ]

Man: Oh, my God, they were amazing! I don’t know how they did it, they were just, like.. [ mimicks skillful clapping moves ]

Announcer: It’s not a play.. it’s not dance.. it’s Clappin’!

At the Charles Street Playhouse. For tickets, call Tele-Charge, or log on to


Clappin’! Ohhhh, so good!

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