SNL Transcripts: Christopher Walken: 02/22/03: African-American Archives

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  Season 28: Episode 13

02m: Christopher Walken / Foo Fighters

African-American Archives

Don Cheadle…..Dean Edwards
Lucious Claymont…..Tracy Morgan

Announcer: For the History Channel, this is “African-American Archives”.

[ dissolve to Don Cheadle standing before image of Lucious Claymont ]

Don Cheadle: The year was 1935. Hollywood was in its first Golden Age, and a man named Lucious Claymont would go down in motion picture history, with a film called “Bride of Frankenstein.”

[ dissolve to movie poster for “The Bride of Frankenstein” ]

Lucious didn’t direct the film, nor act in it, nor did he have any part in its production; but he did buy a ticket.

[ dissolve back to Don Cheadle standing before image of Lucious Claymont ]

While the non-classic film unspooled, and everyone in the audience watched in rapt silence, Lucious, in a then unheard-of display of emotion, rose to his feet and simply said, “Oh, no you ain’t! Oh, no you ain’t going in that monster’s castle!”

[ dissolve to various still photos of Lucious Claymont communicating with the moving picture from his seat in the theater ]

On that faithful day, Lucious Claymont became the first African-American man to yell at the movie screen, attempting, through sheer volume and determination, to communicate with the characters on the screen, and warn them of impending danger.

[ dissolve back to Don Cheadle ]

It would take some time, but soon, thanks to this one brave pioneer, black people everywhere would have the courage to yell at the movie screen. From the loudest, “I know you ain’t even gonna be openin’ that closet!” to the most plaintive, “Oh, no you didn’t! He nasty!”

It all began with the great Lucious Claymont. For the History Channel, I’m Don Cheadle.

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