106 & Park Top 10 Live

02n: Queen Latifah / Ms. Dynamite

106 & Park Top 10 Live

A.J…..Dean Edwards
Free…..Maya Rudolph
Baby K…..Jeff Richards
Lady Three…..Queen Richards

AJ: Aye whats up ya’ll AJ here!

Free: And this is Free. Whats crackalackin’ my homies?

AJ: Ayooo! Today we got one of the hottest new artists on the scene here at 106 and Park, this cat is hot!

Free: Straight Up! This little dude is crumptastic. Ya Feel Me?

AJ: Word! My man is half man – half amazing. He’s unstoppable, and hes only 18 months old!

Free: Before we take him out here – let’s take a look at his latest joint, Baby K everyone.

(Baby K music video comes on)

AJ: Ayoo! Man, joining us now is the hottest MC out there three feet of heat! Baby K with his producer, mix master, and nanny, Lady Three! Whats Up K?

Baby K: It’s your favorite baby y’all.

Free: Yo K, I gotta say, on that track you really did the damn thing. What was it like shooting that joint?

Baby K: First I cried because the music was too high, but then I got a sucking candy. HOLLAAA!

AJ: Yo for real, now K we got your producer over there with us too, Lady Three, how you doin over there?

Lady Three: Holdin’ it down son, holdin’ it down dun dun.

Free: I feel that. Where’d you find K at anyway?

Lady Three: Well.. first of all I think we can all agree that the only thing that can take this rap game to the next level is a foul-mouthed 18 month old baby.

A.J. & Free: True, true.

Lady Three: Yeh, so what I did was I did a nationwide talent search. I auditioned mad babies, I mean down with the babies and it was all “basuda”, ya no what I’m sayin? Garbage! So I stole one from the daycare center.

Baby K: Word up!

Lady Three: Yo the boy got a natural flow too. This kid is a genius – Ayoo K show them what we’ve been workin on.

Baby K: Gimme a beat, “I’m potty trained, I’m potty potty trained, I’m potty trained, I’m potty potty trained. Check my open diaper cause it’s motha f’in cleannn.”

Lady Three: Hahaha! Holla! Holla!

Free: That’s hot!

AJ: Yo Baby K, you mackin’, you must have all the chicken heads comin after you.

Free: Yehh, yehhh!

Baby K: What do you mean? Chicken elmo?

Lady Three: Ooh yeh yeh! He likes that chicken dance elmo. That’s a nature rider, I mean he got his pick of the chicken dance elmos in any town.

A.J. & Free: Hahaha! Wordd word!

Lady Three: See busty busty, when we rollin’ up to a club, it’s stopped. We got a case of Pedialyte on ice, little bently strollin on dubs, ya no what I mean? Dixie cup full o’ Cheerios. Ya no what I mean, big baller stuff, buck wildin’ pro fillin’, ya herd me?

Baby K: I’m going night night.

Free: Awhhhhhh he’s going to sleep now??

Lady Three: Yeh he does that.

AJ: Yo a brotha dont even care!

Lady Three: Yeh cause he’s a baby.

Baby K: Hiiii!

Free: Awhh, did you take a little nap K?

Baby K: I dont know

Free: So what’s next with Baby K? Where ya’ll headed?

Lady Three: Well welll, on a serious tip – Were doing a benefit next week cause we gotta find a cure for diaper rash.

Baby K: It’s a silent killer ya’ll!

Lady Three: He lost two of his partners with diaper rash.

Baby K: This is for my homies who, who got the rash. (Tips over his bottle of milk and lets milk fall to the floor)

Lady Three: Alright, alright, that’s enough. Look, look, look we also plannin’ a clothing line but were gunna hold off on that ’till he stop poopin’ on himself.

AJ: YO! I thought he was potty trained!!!

Baby K: Well I still make mistakes sometimes.

AJ: me too

Lady Three: But uhh, but, we really focussin’ on is the new album.

AJ: Right, right.. POTTY TIME!

Free: And now there gunna hit us with a new track off the new joint. Ya hear me?

AJ: No doubt! Pop your collars! Show your love for Baby K!

Free: Featuring Lady Free from there new joint – POTTY TIME – throw your rollies in the sky ladiess!

(Baby K & Lady Three rap to fade)

Thanks to Mike Verrier for this transcript!

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