106 & Park Top 10 Live


02n: Queen Latifah / Ms. Dynamite

106 & Park Top 10 Live

A.J…..Dean Edwards
Free…..Maya Rudolph
Baby K…..Jeff Richards
Lady Three…..Queen Richards

AJ: Aye whats up ya’ll AJ here!

Free: And this is Free. Whats crackalackin’ my homies?

AJ: Ayooo! Today we got one of the hottest new artists on the scene here at 106 and Park, this cat is hot!

Free: Straight Up! This little dude is crumptastic. Ya Feel Me?

AJ: Word! My man is half man – half amazing. He’s unstoppable, and hes only 18 months old!

Free: Before we take him out here – let’s take a look at his latest joint, Baby K everyone.

(Baby K music video comes on)

AJ: Ayoo! Man, joining us now is the hottest MC out there three feet of heat! Baby K with his producer, mix master, and nanny, Lady Three! Whats Up K?

Baby K: It’s your favorite baby y’all.

Free: Yo K, I gotta say, on that track you really did the damn thing. What was it like shooting that joint?

Baby K: First I cried because the music was too high, but then I got a sucking candy. HOLLAAA!

AJ: Yo for real, now K we got your producer over there with us too, Lady Three, how you doin over there?

Lady Three: Holdin’ it down son, holdin’ it down dun dun.

Free: I feel that. Where’d you find K at anyway?

Lady Three: Well.. first of all I think we can all agree that the only thing that can take this rap game to the next level is a foul-mouthed 18 month old baby.

A.J. & Free: True, true.

Lady Three: Yeh, so what I did was I did a nationwide talent search. I auditioned mad babies, I mean down with the babies and it was all “basuda”, ya no what I’m sayin? Garbage! So I stole one from the daycare center.

Baby K: Word up!

Lady Three: Yo the boy got a natural flow too. This kid is a genius – Ayoo K show them what we’ve been workin on.

Baby K: Gimme a beat, “I’m potty trained, I’m potty potty trained, I’m potty trained, I’m potty potty trained. Check my open diaper cause it’s motha f’in cleannn.”

Lady Three: Hahaha! Holla! Holla!

Free: That’s hot!

AJ: Yo Baby K, you mackin’, you must have all the chicken heads comin after you.

Free: Yehh, yehhh!

Baby K: What do you mean? Chicken elmo?

Lady Three: Ooh yeh yeh! He likes that chicken dance elmo. That’s a nature rider, I mean he got his pick of the chicken dance elmos in any town.

A.J. & Free: Hahaha! Wordd word!

Lady Three: See busty busty, when we rollin’ up to a club, it’s stopped. We got a case of Pedialyte on ice, little bently strollin on dubs, ya no what I mean? Dixie cup full o’ Cheerios. Ya no what I mean, big baller stuff, buck wildin’ pro fillin’, ya herd me?

Baby K: I’m going night night.

Free: Awhhhhhh he’s going to sleep now??

Lady Three: Yeh he does that.

AJ: Yo a brotha dont even care!

Lady Three: Yeh cause he’s a baby.

Baby K: Hiiii!

Free: Awhh, did you take a little nap K?

Baby K: I dont know

Free: So what’s next with Baby K? Where ya’ll headed?

Lady Three: Well welll, on a serious tip – Were doing a benefit next week cause we gotta find a cure for diaper rash.

Baby K: It’s a silent killer ya’ll!

Lady Three: He lost two of his partners with diaper rash.

Baby K: This is for my homies who, who got the rash. (Tips over his bottle of milk and lets milk fall to the floor)

Lady Three: Alright, alright, that’s enough. Look, look, look we also plannin’ a clothing line but were gunna hold off on that ’till he stop poopin’ on himself.

AJ: YO! I thought he was potty trained!!!

Baby K: Well I still make mistakes sometimes.

AJ: me too

Lady Three: But uhh, but, we really focussin’ on is the new album.

AJ: Right, right.. POTTY TIME!

Free: And now there gunna hit us with a new track off the new joint. Ya hear me?

AJ: No doubt! Pop your collars! Show your love for Baby K!

Free: Featuring Lady Free from there new joint – POTTY TIME – throw your rollies in the sky ladiess!

(Baby K & Lady Three rap to fade)

Thanks to Mike Verrier for this transcript!

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Author: Don Roy King

Don Roy King has directed fourteen seasons of Saturday Night Live. That work has earned him ten Emmys and fourteen nominations. Additionally, he has been nominated for fifteen DGA Awards and won in 2013, 2015, 2016, 2017, 2018, 2019, and 2020.

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