Who Farted?

02n: Queen Latifah / Ms. Dynamite

Who Farted?

Woman #1…..Maya Rudolph
Man #1…..Seth Meyers
Woman #2…..Queen Latifah
Man #2…..Will Forte
Man #3…..Darrell Hammond
Man #4…..Horatio Sanz
Man #5…..Tracy Morgan
Woman #3…..Rachel Dratch

[ open on FOX logo ]

Announcer: Coming soon to FOX..

[ dissolve to group of men and women sitting on a cramped room, all looking toward one another ]

A new show that pushes the limits of reality television. Eight strangers. Thrust together in a single, windowless room. Where trust is a memory, teamwork is a gamble. And a traitor is in their midst.

Woman #1: Well.. this isn’t so bad.

Man #1: Yeah, it’s a little tight in here.. but, not as bad as the subway, right?

Woman #2: Are you from New York?

Man #1: Uh.. yeah. I moved there in-

[ suddenly, a loud fart breaks out ] [ cut to show logo card ]

Announcer: “Who Farted?” All of them smelt it. But only one of them dealt it.

[ back to the room, as everyone covers their nose ]

Woman #2: Child, that was funky!

Man #2: I-it wasn’t me, it was her!

Woman #1: It was not me!

Man #1: Whoever it was has a medical problem.

Man #3: Come on, own up to it!

Woman #1: If I did, I would! Because I’m comfortable with that!

Man #2: My God! There’s really no way out of here!

[ cut to show logo card ]

Announcer: “Who Farted?” Who knows? Each and every one in the room is under equal suspicion.

[ back to the room, as everyone covers their nose ]

Woman #1: I’m voting for the fat guy.

Woman #2: Second it!

Man #4: Aw, come on! That’s just not fair!

[ cut to graphic “Mind-bending twist” ]

Announcer: With a mind-bending twist you have to see to believe.

[ back to the room, as everyone covers their nose ]

Man #1: Alright, listen, people.. I just think that we ne-

[ everyone begins to gasp over an unheard but noticeable fart ]

Man #5: Oh, my God, it’s another one!

Woman #2: Damn, that’s spicy!

Man #3: But I didn’t hear anything..

Woman #4: [ whispering ] It was silent but deadly..

[ cut to show logo ]

Announcer: This Spring, on FOX: “Who Farted?” He who denied it, supplied it – or did he? [ employs a villianous laugh ] [ another loud fart breaks out ]

Announcer: Sorry. That was me. Just watch it. It’s on FOX.

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