I’m A Celebrity: Who Farted?

02n: Queen Latifah / Ms. Dynamite

I’m A Celebrity: Who Farted?

Paula Poundstone…..Rachel Dratch
Gilbert Gottfried…..Jimmy Fallon
Danny Aiello…..Darrell Hammond
Gary Busey…..Jeff Richards
Kathy Griffin…..Chris Kattan

Announcer: This Spring on ABC, watch five celebrities – unscripted and uncensored – face off against one another in a gruelling physical challenge.

Paula Poundstone.. Gilbert Gottfried.. Danny Aiello.. Gary Busey.. and Kathy Griffin star in..

[ farting sound effect ]

Gilbert Gottfried: Oh, my goodness!

Announcer: “I’m A Celebrity: Who Farted?”

Danny Aiello: What have you been eatin’, Poundstone?!

Paula Poundstone: Come on, you can’t be serious! That was totally Griffin!

Gilbert Gottfried: No! Busey! Busey, I know that was you!

Gary Busey: Trust me, buddy – you’ll know when a Juicy Busey hits ya between the eyes!

[ farting sound effect ]

Gilbert Gottfried: That’s a Juicy Busey, if I ever heard one!

Danny Aiello: It’s a twister!

Announcer: This Spring on ABC. It’s “I’m A Celebrity: Who Farted?” Right after “I’m A Celebrity: Get Me Out of I’m A Celebrity: Who Farted?”

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