Uday Hussein For President


02q: Ray Romano / Zwan

Uday Hussein For President

Uday Hussein…..Fred Armisen

Announcer: Baghdad has only just fallen. And yet, already, candidates are throwing their hats in the ring to be the President of Iraq. But how many of them are only doing it simply because they have a lust for power? Just one.

Uday Hussein: Hi! I’m Uday Hussein! My father ruled Iraq for a long time! And he was a fantastic murderer in his day! But.. unfortunately.. he is probably dead by now. So.. it might be time for a change! It’s true that my opponents say I am a violent lunatic! But what they don’t tell you is that I know all the hot spots and discotheques! I’ve got tons of jewelry and cars, and I’m addicted to sex! Elect me! I’m like a fun-time playboy! I’m a club-hopping, jolly fun cat! Come on! Now.. I know what you’re thinking: “Why elect the less competent son of a former president?” Well.. you guys did it!

Announcer: Uday Hussein. A name you can trust.

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