SNL Transcripts: Adrien Brody: 05/10/03: Adrien Brody’s Monologue


 Saturday Night Live Transcripts

  Season 28: Episode 19

02s: Adrien Brody / Sean Paul & Wayne Wonder

Adrien Brody’s Monologue

…..Adrien Brody
…..Sylvia Plachy

Adrien Brody: Hey, how are you doing tonight? [ begins to kiss various women in the audience ]

Thank you! Thank you very much, thank you! I’m so excited to be here tonight. [ crazed woman in the audience yells “You’re HOT!!” ] Ah, you’re hot! It’s an honor to be on “Saturday Night Live”.. [ another crazed audience members howls at the mere mention of the program’s title ] It’s great to be back in New York, where I’m from.. and my home. [ audience applauds ] I’ve got my wonderful parents here..

[ camera cuts to Brody’s parents – Elliot Brody and Sylvia Plachy – in the audience, as the audience applauds ]

Now by the time the show is over, it’s gonna be Mother’s Day.. so, Mom, I’m really happy you’re with me tonight. I love you. [ audience awwws ] Ladies and gentlemen, she was my date to the Academy Awards.. she was there at the Golden Globes.. she was at the premiere of “The Pianist”.. she’s here tonight to cheer me on.

Sylvia Plachy: My pleasure.

Adrien Brody: [ laughs ] And I’m so happy you’re with me, Mom.

Sylvia Plachy: I’m very glad to be here with you. But, you know, Adrien.. you’ll have to learn to go to these things on your own. Really.

Adrien Brody: [ embarrassed ] Mom..

Sylvia Plachy: You’re 30! You’re 30 years old! You can’t go everywhere with your mother.

Adrien Brody: Alright, Mom.. thanks.. You know, there was something that I just wanted to say to you at The Oscars, but I didn’t get a chance to, and, uh.. cause I didn’t have the time, and since it’s Mother’s Day, I would just like to say that-

[ the SNL Band interrupts Brody’s speech to play him to commercial ] [ waving the band off ] Alright, come on! Guys, guys.. please.. I only get one chance here.. Don’t you people have mothers? [ clears his throat ] You know, Mom, I love you. Happy Mother’s Day.

[ audience applauds ]

Alright. Thank you. We’ve got a great show tonight, everybody. We’ve got Sean Paul here.. We’ve got Wayne Wonder here.. Alright, stick around, we’ll be right back!

SNL Transcripts

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