SNL Transcripts: Dan Aykroyd: 05/17/03: Dan Aykroyd’s Monologue

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  Season 28: Episode 20

02t: Dan Aykroyd / Beyonce

Dan Aykroyd’s Monologue

…..Dan Aykroyd
…..Jim Belushi

Dan Aykroyd: Thank you! Thank you so much! Thanks a lot! Wow, wow, wow! what a bea-u-ti-ful night in Manhatten! For those of you who may not be aware, I worked here from 1975 until 1979. Thank you! All this week, everyone’s been asking me why it’s taken me 24 years to come back and host. Well, the reason is – the first cast, we were rebels! John Belushi used to say, “Why should we have a host? We can do it ourselves!” And, uh.. well.. you know, the only time I stood here on Home Base.. was with John Belushi when we were The Blues Brothers. [ audience cheers ] Well.. he’s, uh.. he’s not here tonight; he’s somewhere, but he’s not here tonight. But.. I’ve got his brother Jim. So.. let’s just do this!

[ lights go up, as Jim Belushi steps out as an alternate Blues Brother ]

Good evening, ladies and gentlemen! And welcome to Studio 8-H, at 30 Rockefeller Center in New York City! Would you please welcome from Hollywood, California, the internationally-renowned star of stage, television and recording: Mr. James “Cool Diamond” Belushi! We are the world-famous Dancing Refrigerators! I am a man of avocado. I’m a man of plum. This is the Have Love Will Travel Review!

[ the break into the Outsiders classic “Time Won’t Let Me” ]

Dan Aykroyd:
“I can’t wait forever
Even though you want me to
I can’t wait forever
To know if you’ll be true
Time won’t let me (oh, no)Time won’t let me (oh, no)Time won’t let me…ee…ee…eeWait that long!”

Sing it!

Jim Belushi:
“Can’t you see I’ve waited so longTo love you, to hold you, in my arms.”

“Time won’t let me (oh, no)Time won’t let me (oh, no)Time won’t let me…ee…ee…ee!”

Jim Belushi: Wait long!

[ instrumental break ]

Together: “Ahhh…ahhh…ahhh…ah!”

Jim Belushi: Wait that long!

Dan Aykroyd: Thank you! We’ve got a fun-packed show! The spectacular Beyonce is here! It’s Tracy and Kattan’s last show! Final season finale! We’ll be right back! Season finale!

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