SNL Transcripts: Jack Black: 10/04/03: Huggies Thongs

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 Saturday Night Live Transcripts

  Season 29: Episode 1

03a: Jack Black / John Mayer

Huggies Thongs

Mom #1…..Maya Rudolph
Mom #2…..Rachel Dratch

[ two moms look on as their kids play ]

Mom #1: Aren’t they adorable?

Mom #2: Yours is.

Mom #1: Oh, come on!

Mom #2: I’m serious! Caitlin always looks great! ..But, my little Abby looks so.. frumpy. It’s a big, bulky diaper.

Mom #1: Well, haven’t you heard about new Huggies Thongs?

Mom #2: Thongs for babies?

Mom #1: Thongs are what I wear when I need a smooth panty line. So, why shouldn’t she?

Mom #2: Are these as absorbant as regular Huggies?

Mom #1: See for yourself.

[ they pour a fecal-like substance over the thin thong panty strip, which promptly succumbs to the weight and tears through ]

Mom #2: They’re not.

Mom #1: No. In fact, they cause a bigger mess than if there were no diaper at all.

Mom #2: I like it!

Mom #1: Isn’t cleaning up a few times worth it?

Mom #2: I’m sold! [ making a bad pun ] It seems like, with new Huggies, we can’t go thong!

[ the two moms laugh ] [ Sisqo’s “Thong Song” plays, on close-up of the babies’ bouncing booties in thong diapers ]

Announcer: Huggies. You can’t go thong.

SNL Transcripts

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