SNL Transcripts: Jessica Simpson & Nick Lachey: 01/17/04: MTV Future

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  Season 29: Episode 10

03j: Jessica Simpson & Nick Lachey / G-Unit

MTV Future

…..Jessica Simpson
…..Nick Lachey

[open on “MTV Future” logo]

Announcer: This week, on MTV Future, check in with the seven roommates on “Real World: Uranus.” [dissolve to photo of seven roommates, including two robots and a green-skinned woman] Will Angie finally hook up with XRP89? Not if Brad dismantles him for parts first. Then, at the 10-Spot, a special encore presentation of the 2054 MTV Video Music Awards [dissolve to VMA logo] with your hosts Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen [dissolve to photo of elderly twin women], and special musical guest Blanket Jackson [dissolve to photo of a man dressed like Michael Jackson, with one glove and a blanket-like veil over his face]. Then join MTV Future for an all new season of our longest-running reality show, “Newlyweds.” [dissolve to black and white footage of an elderly Nick and Jessica dancing with title: “The Newlyweds Nick & Jessica Golden Anniversary Season”] After fifty years of marriage, our kooky couple is still going strong.

[dissolve to futuristic living room, with Nick and Jessica wearing silver clothing and the Earth visible through space outside their window]

Jessica: Nick. Nick! We’re out of Metamucil.

Nick: I’ll get some later.

Jessica: But, Nick, I need it. I haven’t dropped the kids off at the pool in three days.

Nick: Do you have to say that every single time you have to go to the bathroom? It’s been fifty years, honey. Get a new line!

Jessica: [clutches her stomach] Oooooh.

Announcer: Watch as they bravely face the challenges of growing old together.

[dissolve to kitchen]

Nick: [talking on the phone] Yes, I understand. Okay. [hangs up phone]

Jessica: What did the doctor say, honey?

Nick: Well, it’s like we thought. I have to have my eyeballs replaced.

Jessica: Oh, no!

Nick: Yes, after fifty years of constantly rolling them at you, they finally just wore out.

Jessica: That’s no fair. I want new eyeballs, too.

[Nick rolls his eyes and suddenly gasps in pain] [dissolve to black and white footage of Nick and Jessica kissing with title: “The Newlyweds Nick & Jessica Golden Anniversary Season”]

Announcer: “The Newlyweds Golden Anniversary Season” premiere. A night not to be missed.

[dissolve to living room with Nick and Jessica eating tuna from bowls]

Jessica: Listen, I know I’ve asked you this about a million times. But this “Chicken of the Sea,” is it chicken or tuna?

Nick: Neither one. Both chicken and tuna are extinct.

Jessica: So, you don’t mean…?

Nick: Yes. Chicken of the Sea is people. It’s people!

Jessica: Oh. I wonder why it makes me toot. [Nick chokes] [dissolve to MTV Future logo]

Announcer: Only on MTV Future.

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