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  Season 29: Episode 13

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February 7th, 2004

Megan Mullally

Clay Aiken

Nick Offerman
NightlineSummary: Ted Koppell (Darrell Hammond) bypasses important issues to talk about Janet Jackson’s exposed breast at the Super Bowl.

Recurring Characters: Ted Koppel, Michael Jackson.


MontageNote: Don Pardo accidentally introduces Chris Parnell as Chris Kattan, then quickly corrects himself. Pardo also introduces Maya Rudolph as Maria.

Megan Mullally’s MonologueSummary: Despite being surrounded by an all-gay chorus, Megan Mullally tries to show she’s about much more than her loyal gay following.

Bio: For her performance on “Will and Grace”, Megan Mullally (1958-) has won an Emmy Award for Outstanding Supporting Actress in a Comedy Series and three Screen Actors Guild Awards. She revealed herself as a bisexual in a 1999 interview.


Celebrity Poker ShowdownSummary: Celebrities like Carrot Top (Seth Meyers) and Kevin Pollack (Jimmy Fallon) make poker excruciating to watch.

Recurring Characters: Carrot Top, Geraldo Rivera, Gene Shalit.

Note: This sketch was cut from the dress rehearsal of the Elijah Wood episode.


Huggies ThongSummary: Less padding, but not as effective as regular diapers.

Note: Repeat from 10/04/03.

Baby BoyfriendSummary: A grown man (Seth Meyers) lives like a child again when he visits his mom’s (Megan Mullally) house, much to the discomfort of his girlfriend (Amy Poehler).


Golden Globe AwardsSummary: Megan Mullally makes faces from the audience as Sharon Stone (Amy Poehler) presents an award.

Oprah’s Favorite ThingsSummary: The studio audience goes nuts when Oprah (Maya Rudolph) gives lavish gifts away.

Recurring Characters: Oprah Winfrey.


The CabdriverSummary: A cabdriver (Megan Mullally) makes a big deal about welcoming black people into her cab.


Clay Aiken performs “Invisible”Bio: Clay Aiken (1978-) was the second runner-up on Fox’s “American Idol”, and the first of their contestants to appear on “Saturday Night Live.”

Weekend Update with Jimmy Fallon & Tina FeySummary: Indian comic Billy Smith (Fred Armisen) tells more lost-in-translation jokes. Ready for her exit from “20/20”, Barbara Walters (Rachel Dratch) interviews herself.

Recurring Characters: Billy Smith, Barbara Walters.


The Wizard Of OzSummary: Not only has Dorothy (Amy Poehler) killed the Bad Witch, but some innocent Munchkins as well.


Zinger vs. SlamSummary: Scientists Dave “Zing” Clinger (Seth Meyers) verbally spars with ex-girlfriend Debbie “Slam” Slamowski (Megan Mullally).


Clay Aiken performs “The Way”

Musical RelativesSummary: Leon Warwick (Kenan Thompson) and Connie Raitt (Megan Mullally) try to enter the Grammy Awards ceremony.



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