SNL Transcripts: Janet Jackson: 04/10/04: Janet Jackson’s Monologue

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  Season 29: Episode 17

03q: Janet Jackson

Janet Jackson’s Monologue

…..Janet Jackson

Janet Jackson: Thank you, it’s really great to be here hosting “Saturday Night Live”, and it’s really been an exciting year for me, so uh.. did anybody happen to see the Superbowl? [ audience cheers wildly ] Thank you, I was afraid of that.

You know, the one reason why I wanted to do this show was so that people would see that I’m a regular person. And that my family was jsut an average family, no different than yours. I can prove this – I brought some old home movies. Would you guys want to see them? [ audience cheers enthusiastically ] Yeah?

[ cut to old home movie footage of a little girl twirling in circles in a ballet costume ]

Janet Jackson V/O: Okay. Here I am – see, I took ballet, just like a normal little girl. I think my moves were pretty good, you know, for a little kid. It was fun —

[ camera pans right to show the Jackson Five practicing in the living room ]

Janet Jackson V/O: Oh – that’s right. My brothers, they had this band. I-I completely forgot about that.

[ cut back to Jackson at Home Base ]

Janet Jackson: You know, just typical brothers. We were just like any other family.

[ cut to more home movie footage of the siblings are clowning around together on the couch ]

Janet Jackson V/O: Oh, look! There we are, altogether. There’s me.. and Reebie.. and Jackie.. and Tito.. and Jermaine.. LaToya.. and Marlon.. and Randy.. and Michael..

[ camera cuts to an additional three children on the couch ]

Oh. Well.. we actually had three other siblings, and.. I don’t know their names, I.. never really talked to them, you know? They kind of freaked me out a little.

[ camera cuts to Jackson as a young girl sitting in an outdoor baby pool ]

Janet Jackson V/O: Oh! Here’s a really cute one, this is a really old one. Here I am, playing in the pool..

[ the strap of Jackson’s bathing suit top snaps, exposing her childlike bosom ] [ cut back to Jackson at Home Base ]

Janet Jackson: It’s a little swimsuit malfunction.

We have a great show for you tonight. The musical guest is someone you’re really going to enjoy. Stick around, we’ll be right back!

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