SNL Transcripts: Luke Wilson: 11/20/04: Goodnights

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  Season 30: Episode 6

04f: Luke Wilson / U2


…..Luke Wilson

[ Luke Wilson sits next to Bono on the apron of the stage, the cast standing behind them ]

Luke Wilson: I had a great time. I want to thank U2! [ seems to ask Bono “What do you think?” as the audience cheers and screams ] [ the other members of U2 play the opening chords to “I Will Follow”, as Bono runs to join them on the band stage and performs the chosen song ] [ upon the song’s bridge, Bono jumps onto the floor to ham it up some more with the cameras; The Edge follows close behind. The credits begin to roll as Bono sits on the lap of a woman in the audience, bringing her to tears. Bono returns to Home Base to swallow Amy Poehler in a hug as he finishes the song. ]

Bono: Saturday Night Live. Nothing like it. Nowhere else. Saturday Night.. Live! Live! Live! Live!

One more! One more!

[ U2 begins to play another song for the cast and studio, unseen by the home audience when the network feed cuts off ]

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