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  Season 30: Episode 9

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January 15th, 2005

Topher Grace

The Killers



John Lutz

Jason Sudeikis

JB Smoove

Paula Pell

Liz Cackowski
White House Press ConferenceSummary: President George W. Bush’s (Will Forte) questions are fielded by former presidents Bill Clinton (Darrell Hammond) and George Bush, Sr. (Fred Armisen).

Recurring Characters: President George W. Bush, Bill Clinton, George Bush.



Topher Grace’s MonologueSummary: When Topher Grace receives the dumb-questions-from-studio-audience treatment, he thinks he’s being ‘punked.

Recurring Characters: Terrell, Terrell’ Wife.

Bio: Topher Grace (1978-). Actor; his first acting role was as Eric Forman on “That 70’s Show”, 1998-2006; his real first name is Christopher, but he changed it because he didn’t like being nicknamed “Chris”.


Trucker TalkSummary: While on the road, truckers discuss the Brad Pitt-Jennifer Aniston break-up over their CB radios.

Recurring Characters: Skeeter.


Martin Luther King DaySummary: Lazy black paramedics (Kenan Thompson, Finesse Mitchell) refuse to work on their special day.


CBS Evening Fraudulent Document UpdateSummary: Dan Rather (Darrell Hammond) apologizes for a series of fraudulent documents he had errantly reproted as fact.

Recurring Characters: Dan Rather.


Beaver RanchSummary: Tyler (Topher Grace) loses his virginity to elderly prostitute, Dot (Rachel Dratch), and learns a valuable life lesson.

The Killers perform “Somebody Told Me”Bio: Alternative rock group; members: vocal/keyboardist Brandon Flowers, guitarist David Keuning, bassist Mark Stoermer, and drummer Ronnie Vannucci.

Also Performed: 06a.

Weekend Update with Tina Fey & Amy PoehlerSummary: In honor of Martin Luther King Day, Weekend Update recognizes the fictional Cliff (Kenan Thompson) and Clair Huxtable (Maya Rudolph) as positive role models in the African-American community.


Artsy ApartmentSummary: Nuni (Fred Armisen) and Nuni (Maya Rudolph) – whose names are the same but have different pronunciations – show off the weird furniture in their apartment to their neighbors (Topher Grace, Rachel Dratch).

Recurring Characters: Nuni, Nuni, Tato.


HardballSummary: Zell Miller (Will Forte) yells about the tsunamis.

Recurring Characters: Chris Matthews, Howard Dean, Zell Miller.

The Not So Incredible Adventures Of The Down And Out DollarSummary: After a drop in value, the dollar bill (Amy Poehler) takes a lot of flak from the foreign currencies she once dominated over.


The Killers perform “Mr. Brightside”



Dress Rehearsal Cuts

Doctor’s OfficeSummary: A young doctor (Topher Grace) acts immature while discussing heart surgery with his patients (Chris Parnell, Maya Rudolph).

Bear CitySummary: In a pinch, a bear uses the handicapped toilet, only to be confronted by a bear in a wheelchair.

Note: This short film will air in the episode hosted by David Spade.

One Night StandSummary: Man (Topher Grace) and woman (Amy Poehler) try to make small talk the next morning after their one night stand.

Gibson StudiosSummary: Bill Kurtis (Darrell Hammond) records various A&E show promos.

Note: This sketch will later air in the episode hosted by Jason Bateman.

Bear CitySummary: Frustration culminates when a bear tries to get cigarettes from a gas station.

Note: This short film will air in the episode hosted by Paris Hilton.

Rafael Alonzo’s I.T.F. Technical Computer InstituteSummary: Rafael Alonzo (Fred Armisen) teaches simple computer technology.

Note: This sketch will later air in the episode hosted by Paris Hilton.

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