SNL Transcripts: Jason Bateman: 02/12/05: An Important Moment in Black History

 Saturday Night Live Transcripts

  Season 30: Episode 12

04l: Jason Bateman / Kelly Clarkson

An Important Moment in Black History

Jason…..Jason Bateman
Seth…..Seth Meyers
Will…..Will Forte
Kenny Wilkins…..Finesse Mitchell

[ open on History Channel logo ]

Announcer: And now, The History Channel presents [ over SUPER ] “An Important Moment in Black History.”

[ dissolve to group of 70’s era men sitting a bar, as Kenny Wilkins walks up and sits ]

Announcer: The year was 1975. The place: Columbus, Ohio. The country was changing.

Jason: So, gang – who’s coming this weekend?

Seth: I can’t wait.

Will: Count me in.

Jason: Yeah. Kenny? Skydiving. This weekend.

Seth: 15,000 feet in the air, taking turns jumping out of a small propeller plane.

Will: With parachutes on our backs, of course!

[ they all chuckle heartily ]

Jason: Of course, it’s a real groovy adrenaline rush. Are you in?

Kenny Wilkins: Skydiving?

Jason: Yeah.

Kenny Wilkins: Let me think about that. [ an extended beat ] Hell, no!

[ scene freezes, as the Announcer’s words scroll up ]

Announcer: The History Channel honors Kenny Wilkins, the first black man to say “No” to a recreational activity only a white person would think to do.

[ dissolve to title card ]

Announcer: This has been an Important Moment in Black History.

[ fade ]

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