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  Season 31: Episode 7

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December 3rd, 2005

Dane Cook

James Blunt



Jorma Taccone

JB Smoove
Tree Re-Lighting SpecialSummary: To celebrate the re-lighting of the tree in Rockefeller Center, a holiday choir sings religiously-neutral carols that won’t run the risk of offending viewers who don’t celebrate Christmas.

Recurring Characters: Harry Connick, Jr., Megan Mullally, Donald Trump.


MontageNote: Maya Rudolph is credited even though she’s still absent from the episode for maternity leave.

Dane Cook’s MonologueSummary: Dane Cook performs stand-up on a variety of topics that includes photography and bouncing cashews off his penis.

Bio: Dane Cook (1972-). Comedian; created the Super Finger (Su-Fi) as a way of adding pizazz to the tradition of giving someone “the finger.”

Also Hosted: 06a.

Monday Morning AssemblySummary: Members of the West Bedford High School Drama Club re-enactment the morning announcements to the student body.


Taco TownSummary: The world’s largest taco is stuffed to the max with one unhealthy layer after another.

Note: Repeat from 05b.

The Long Ride Home: The Jay Feely StorySummary: Feeling somber over his gaffes during the Giants game, Jay Feely (Dane Cook) nearly gets a chance to redeem himself on the ride home when the airplane pilot (Chris Parnell) suddenly takes ill.

Wool SweaterSummary: Keith (Dane Cook) works himself into a frenzy at a Christmas party while waiting to impress his girlfriend, Carrie (Amy Poehler) with his new wool sweater.

Note: The buffet table doesn’t collapse the first time Dane Cook falls on it, so he intentionally throws himself into it a second time.

Note: This sketch was originally cut from the dress rehearsals of the Steve Carell and Jon Heder episodes.


An SNL Digital ShortSummary: Two men (Andy Samberg, Will Forte) discuss the former’s problems over a head of lettuce, courtesy of the United Lettuce Growers Association.

Note: This short film was cut from the dress rehearsal of the Eva Longoria episode.


Target GreatlandSummary: Target employee (Kristin Wiig) and her trainee (Dane Cook) carry on unsettling behavior in front of customers.

Recurring Characters: Target clerk.


James Blunt performs “You’re Beautiful”Bio: James Blunt (1974-). English singer-songwriter; former Officer with the British Army, who served as a NATO peacekeeper in Kosovo; he also performed duties at the Queen Mother’s funeral, including carrying her coffin.


Weekend Update with Tina Fey & Amy PoehlerSummary: Rachel Dratch plays a film of her recent experiences wandering through the city in fat padding. Michael Irvin (Kenan Thompson) comments on his recent drug arrest.


The ComaSummary: Upon waking from a 24-hour coma, Jerry (Dane Cook) finds himself living in an altered universe where his grieving girlfriend (Amy Poehler) is sudenly married to another man (Will Forte).


Fight Back with Victor RamosSummary: Victor Ramos (Horatio Sanz) and his sidekick (Dane Cook) show Chicago Transit Authority employee (Amy Poehler) the proper way to fight terrorism.

Note: This sketch was cut from the dress rehearsals of this season’s episode hosted by Eva Longoria episode and last season’s episode hosted by Kate Winslet.


James Blunt performs “Goodbye My Lover”

Morgan StanleySummary: Morgan Stanley broker (Will Forte) berates his timid client’s (Fred Armisen) boisterous daughter (Amy Poehler) after school.

Note: Repeat from 05a.



Dress Rehearsal Cuts

Car RentalSummary: A car rental salesman (Dane Cook) creeps out a couple (Jason Sudeikis, Rachel Dratch) when he cracks various bones in his body.

Stuart Little Mouse Removal KitSummary: Modeled after the movie, homeowners can get rid of unwanted mice by leaving cheese, tracks and an exploding race car aimed out the front door.

Note: This commercial parody will later air on the episode hosted by Jack Black.

Scam ArtistSummary: A scam artist (Dane Cook) pretends to be other people in order to collect money from his victims.

HallmarkSummary: A sales associate (Dane Cook) at Hallmark is driven crazy when customers (Bill Hader, Kristen Wiig) delight in playing with a piano-playing mechanical snowman.

Carol!Summary: At the Bowl-a-Rama, Jim (Jason Sudeikis) and Amanda (Amy Poehler) set up another male friend (Dane Cook) with the enigma that is Carol (Horatio Sanz).

Recurring Characters: Carol, Jim, Amanda.

Note: This sketch will air next week on the episode hosted by Alec Baldwin.

Exercise ClassSummary: An exercise instructor (Dane Cook) makes his patrons stretch to “Walk Like an Egyptian”.

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