SNL Transcripts: Jack Black: 12/17/05: Two A-Holes Buying a Christmas Tree

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  Season 31: Episode 9

05i: Jack Black / Neil Young

Two A-Holes Buying a Christmas Tree

Tree Salesman…..Jack Black
Male A-Hole…..Jason sudeikis
Female A-Hole…..Kristin Wiig
Concessions Man…..Finesse Mitchell

[ open on holiday postcard inscribed with the sketch title ]

Announcer: And now, “Two A-Holes Buying a Christmas Tree.”

[ dissolve to Tree Salesman finalizing a sale ]

Tree Salesman: Here you go. Thank you very much. [ his buyers exit, as he notices the A-Holes ] Uh, hello there. You two need any help?

Male A-Hole: Yeah, we want to get a tree. What kind you got?

Tree Salesman: I’ve got lots of different kinds, my man. What kind you looking for?

[ Male a-Hole turns to look at his wife. She barely looks up during the entire scene, focusing solely on her fingernails and filing them with great indifference to the scene. ]

Male A-Hole: What kind of tree you want, babe?

Female A-Hole: I don’t care.

Male A-Hole: We don’t care.

Tree Salesman: Okay, well.. we’ve got Douglas firs, they’re very popular.

Male A-Hole: What do you think, babe?

Female A-Hole: About what?

Male A-Hole: The tree.

Female A-Hole: [ bored ] The what?

Male A-Hole: The tree.

Female A-Hole: Do you guys have hot chocolate?

Male A-Hole: Do you guys got hot chocolate?

Tree Salesman: Uh.. no.

Male A-Hole: They don’t, babe.

[ the Tree Salesmen is unsure where this is leading, and isn’t quite sure how best to continue their conversation. There’s a brief and awkward silence between the three of them. ]

Female A-Hole: [ disgusted ] Shouldn’t you be telling us about the tree?

Male A-Hole: Yeah, what other trees you got?

Tree Salesman: Uh.. you ever have a Scotch Pine?

Male A-Hole: Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah. I know those. I know about those. You know about those, babe? [ she doesn’t look up from her fingernails ] You know Scotch Pine? [ she doesn’t acknowledge the question ] You heard about those, right, babe? [ she continues to focus on her fingernails ] Scotch Pine?

Female A-Hole: [ finally ] Yeah.

Male A-Hole: Yeah, we know those.

Tree Salesman: Okay, would you like one?

Male A-Hole: You want to get one, babe?

Female A-Hole: [ changes the subject ] Where’s your bathroom?

Male A-Hole: You guys got a bathroom?

Tree Salesman: No. No, we don’t. There’s one across the street at the Starbuck’s.

Male A-Hole: Alright, you want to go over there, babe?

Female A-Hole: [ insistent ] I want a big tree.

Male A-Hole: You guys got big trees?

Tree Salesman: Yeah, we got trees up to twelve feet.

Male A-Hole: Alright, how big a tree you want, babe?

Female A-Hole: This big. [ holds her hands two feet apart, vertically ]

Male A-Hole: [ points to the distance between her hands ] We want something like that.

Tree Salesman: Okay, well, that’s not very big.

Female A-Hole: [ keeps her hands apart at the same distance ] Bigger than this?

Tree Salesman: Okay, so you want a two-foot Christmas tree?

Female A-Hole: [ looks around, bored ] What street are we on?

Male A-Hole: Yeah, where are we?

Tree Salesman: Look – why don’t you guys just look around, grab me when you find something you like, okay?

Female A-Hole: I know what I want.

Male A-Hole: Hey, dude, we got it. What do you want, babe?

Female A-Hole: I changed my mind – I do want a big tree.

Tree Salesman: Fine! how big? 7? 9? 11 feet? What?

Female A-Hole: 50.

Tree Salesman: You want a 50-foot tree?

Male A-Hole: Yeah, we’ll take a 50-foot tree.

Tree Salesman: Dude, we don’t sell 50-foot trees!

Male A-Hole: Alright, they’re out of ’em, babe. Huh? When are you getting more, huh? Tuesday?

Tree Salesman: No!

Male A-Hole: Probably Thursday, right?

Tree Salesman: No, never! We don’t sell 50-foot trees! Look – it’s closing time, I’m tired, you obviously don’t know what you want. Why don’t you just come back when you’ve made up your mind, alright?

Female A-Hole: [ points past Tree Salesman’s shoulders ] I want that one?

Tree Salesman: [ looking, not seeing the tree she’s indicating ] Which one?

Male A-Hole: Which one, babe?

Female A-Hole: [ points at the street lamp behind Tree Salesman’s shoulders ] That one.

Tree Salesman: [ sighs ] That’s a street lamp.

Female A-Hole: I know. I want it.

Male A-Hole: Yeah, we’ll take it. How much?

Tree Salesman: [ angry ] Get out of here! Get the hell out of here!

Male A-Hole: Alright, we gotta get out of here, babe.

Female A-Hole: [ as expected, she just doesn’t get it ] where’s your computer, I need to check my e-mail.

Male A-Hole: You guys got internet?

Tree Salesman: Leave!

Female A-Hole: [ continuing her line of thought ] Maybe a Smoothie —

Tree Salesman: [ aggravated ] Fine, you know what – I’ll leave! [ packs his cash box and rushes out of the scene ]

Female A-Hole: He looked like a rabbit.

Male A-Hole: Yeah. [ notices the concessions stand just off to their side ] You hungry, babe?

Female A-Hole: Yeah.

Male A-Hole: Alright. [ they approach the concessions stand ] Hey.

Concessions Man: Hey.

Male A-Hole: Two dogs.

Concessions Man: $4. Anything else?

Male A-Hole: You want anything else, babe?

Female A-Hole: [ back to basics ] A 50-foot Christmas tree.

Male A-Hole: And a 50-foot Christmas tree.

Concessions Man: [ confused ] I just sell hot dogs.

[ awkward silence, then: ]

Male A-Hole: You look like a rabbit.

[ hold on Concession Man’s confused look, as we fade ]

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