SNL Transcripts: John C. Reilly: 10/21/06: McMillan Family Moment III


SNL Transcripts: John C. Reilly: 10/21/06: McMillan Family Moment III

 Saturday Night Live Transcripts

  Season 32: Episode 3

06c: John C. Reilly / My Chemical Romance

McMillan Family Moment III

Mr. McMillan…..John C. Reilly
Mr. McMillan Sr…..Jason Sudeikis

[Heartwarming Steel Magnolias-style music takes us from a split-level house exterior inside to the kitchen. A middle-aged man and his senior citizen father are sitting at a table. A plate of Oreos sits between them.]

Mr. McMillan: Hey, Dad, check this out. Twist it, scrape the cream out, and then put it back together. Remember when we used to do that?

Mr. McMillan Sr.: [disapproving] That’s not how you do it.

Mr. McMillan: Then you tell me, Dad! [music stops] ‘Cause you’ve got all the answers!

Mr. McMillan Sr.: Such a temper!

Mr. McMillan: Yeah? You like it?! ‘Cause you gave it to me!

[Mr. McMillan Sr. groans disapprovingly as he leaves]

Mr. McMillan: And I’m sure everybody at the nursing home loves to hear all about your “ass son”.

[music starts again over a title card]

Mr. McMillan: [yelling off-screen] See you in Hell, Dad!

Narrator: Another McMillan family moment.

Submitted by: Joy

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