SNL Transcripts: Rainn Wilson: 02/24/07: Introverts

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  Season 32: Episode 14

06n: Rainn Wilson / Arcade Fire


Neil…..Will Forte
Jean…..Kristen Wiig
Oliver…..Rainn Wilson

[open on exterior of office building] [dissolve to interior office]

Neil: And, uh, this is the copy machine. It’s, uh, where we do the lion’s share of our copying.

Jean: It’s a really great machine. It uses lasers.

Neil: Yeah. Just take your document and place the side that you’d like to copy face-down on the glass. [he takes a piece of paper from on top of the copier and places it on the glass as described]

Jean: It’s got to be face-down, or the copy is liable to end up blank.

Neil: Once it’s, uh, positioned on the glass, you close the lid and press the green button.

Jean: The rule of thumb that I use to remember its function is that it’s just like a traffic light. Green means “copy go” and red means “copy stop.”

Neil: Yes. It also has the words “copy start” and “copy stop” written on the respective buttons, and that seems to be a fairly effective failsafe.

Oliver: Neil, Jean, thank you so much for showing me around. I’d be absolutely lost today without your help.

Jean: Neil, why don’t we show him the ball-point pens?

Neil: That’s a great idea, Jean. [he takes a pen from a box on a shelf] Oliver, say you want to make a letter or a number, okay? Just remove the pen cap [he does so] and touch the ink-laden portion of the pen to any kind of paper source. [he picks up a paper pad and starts to demonstrate]

Oliver: Oh, I hate to interrupt, um, but I am quite aware of how to use a pen. [Jean chuckles] Oh, wait a minute…

Neil: Welcome to the office, new guy.

Jean: You’ve been hazed.

Oliver: [chortles extendedly] That was really fun. Thank you. That was hysterical.

Neil: Now, if you’re going to work in this office, you’ll need a pretty high threshold for tomfoolery.

Oliver: I am beginning to get the picture.

Jean: Well, let me know when you get it. I know a great frame store.

[Neil, Oliver, and Jean laugh]

Oliver: That is maybe the funniest thing I’ve ever heard in my whole entire life.

Jean: Oliver, thank you!

Oliver: But all of this laughter has made my throat as dry as an Airzona driveway.

Neil: Well, then, let’s go to the water cooler.

[they walk across the room to the cooler]

Jean: Spent a lot of time around this little water cooler.

Neil: Do you know that in olden times, [Jean gets some water in a paper cup] before the water cooler was invented, people had to get their water [Oliver gets some water in a paper cup] from a pond or an aqueduct? That’s interesting finformation. [Neil gets some water in a paper cup]

Jean: That’s odd. This water tastes different.

Neil: Jean, I don’t notice a difference.

Jean: Well, I’m quite sure it’s warmer than usual. Possibly five degrees worth.

Oliver: Five degrees, are you sure?

Jean: I would swear on a stack of Bible books.

Neil: Jean, that’s the Lord’s message!

Jean: Oh, sorry, Neil, but–mess it–how am I supposed to take my fish oil pill?

Oliver: Fish oil pill? I take a daily shark cartilege pill!

Neil: Well, it looks like you guys have found common ground in fish-based pills. Oliver, I’m sure that you and I will soon find something in common, too. [puts his hand briefly on Oliver’s shoulder]

Jean: What are we gonna do about the water temperature?

Neil: What if the two of you were to cool your water with some ice? There are some cubes left over from Friday’s Pepsi party.

Jean: Oh, I don’t know.

Neil: Relax, Jean. Just add one cube at a time until you hit your desired temperature, five degrees cooler than it is right now.

Jean: Well, how will I know when that is?

Oliver: I always use my finger as a thermometer.

Jean: Oh, I’m not going to drink my water after my finger’s been in there.

Oliver: Oh.

Neil: Just clean your fingers first.

Jean: Well, with what? I can’t use soap; my water will taste soapy.

Oliver: Well, as it happens, I always carry a flask of grain alcohol. [he produces the flask] Maybe we can use that.

Neil: That certainly would kill a lot of germs. But, Jean, would you object to having the taste of grain alcohol in your water?

Jean: Well, it’s certainly better than soap.

Oliver: Well, then, it’s settled.

Jean: I have an idea. Why don’t we bypass the water completely and use the grain alcohol to wash down our pills?

Neil: Jean, you’re like an idea machine today.

Oliver: All right, bottoms up!

[Oliver pours the alcohol into the paper cups] [zoom to the analog office clock, which rapidly advances from 9:30 to 11:00 with staccato music, and screen effect to the office]

Neil: And then, once that operation is complete, I will officially be a woman. Oliver, you and I will be married in a small ceremony. But I still won’t be able to carry a child. That’s where Jean comes in. Jean would take…

[zoom to the analog office clock, which rapidly advances to 12:15 with staccato music, and screen effect to the office]

Oliver: And after the baby is born, we’ll sell it for money to open up a pornography store. And with the earnings from that pornography store, we’ll buy all the meth that we can get our hands on. And then…

[zoom to the analog office clock, which rapidly advances to 1:50 with staccato music, and screen effect to the office, with Jean, Oliver, and Neil all naked and pixillated from the waist up]

Jean: You just place the paper in the hole puncher, line it up, and you just press down. [she does so]

Oliver: Hmmm.

[zoom to the analog office clock, which rapidly advances to 3:15 with staccato music, and screen effect to the office, with Jean, Oliver, and Neil now clothed as before]

Neil: And with those latex molds, we can make hundreds, maybe thousands of penises.

Oliver: Well, I think this is going to be a very fruitful working relationship.

Neil: Oh, well, look at that. It’s quitting time already.

Jean: Wait, before we leave, what time is the murder tomorrow?

Neil: Well, I was thinking about doing it on our lunch break. But we only get a half of one hour.

Oliver: A half of one hour? How can we possibly eat and still have time to strangle Caroline at reception?

Jean: I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again. That’s America. It’s a problem.

[fade to black]

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