SNL Transcripts: Julia Louis-Dreyfus: 03/17/07: SNL Special Report: Road to the White House


 Saturday Night Live Transcripts

  Season 32: Episode 15

06o: Julia Louis-Dreyfus / Snow Patrol

SNL Special Report: Road to the White House

…..Chris Rock

[ open on graphic: “SNL Special Report Road to the White House” ]

Announcer: And now, a “Saturday Night Live” Special Report. Road to the White House. Here with his comments, is Chris Rock.

[ dissolve to Chris Rock seated at an executive desk, as the audience screams and cheers ]

Chris Rock: Good evening! Good evening, good evening! [ the applause dies down ] Now, in six-hundred and seventy-four days, we’re gonna have a new Presient. And the field is just SO crowded. On the Republican side, there’s McCain and Guiliani. Now, is it me, or was McCain too old eight years ago? And then we have Guiliani. Now, Guiliani’s great. He’s great — in a crisis. But, uh, in real life, Guiliani’s kind of like a pit bull. He’s great when you have a burglar – but, if you don’t, he just might eat your kids.

Then, we have the Democrats. And everybody’s saying the same thing: “Hillary or Obama?” A black man, or a white woman. It’s so HARD to make up my mind! You know, as if it was a SUFFERING contest! And, even if it was, how can you compare the suffering of a white woman to the suffering of a black man?! It’s not even CLOSE! I mean, white women burned their bras; black men were burned alive! I mean, sure, white women couldn’t vote for an a minute, so they’d march, and protest. You know? And when they had to get on the BUS to go to a protest, who do think gave up their seats? You know hoe much better Seabiscuit’s life was than my grandfather’s? You see, when a horse can’t run any more, they put him out to stud; when a black man can’t run any more, he gets shot fifty times! I mean, how can you compare the pain of a white woman to the pain of a black man? They used to hang black men just for looking at white women! I mean, nobody ever lynched a white woman! No white woman’s ever been assassinated! Everybody looooves white women! White men love white women; black men reallllly love white women! I mean, did you see Anna Nicole Smith’s funeral? She had SIX black men pallbearers! I thought Farrakhan died!

Everybody loves white women.. except white women! White women are the majority of the country, and they’ve had the right to vote for almost a hundred years, and still they’ve never elected a white women President! What are you bitches waiting for?! If black people were the majority of this country, there’d be a different Black President every day! Okay? Every year, a new Black person would get a term to be President! Obama would be President; Oprah’d be President; O.J.’d be President; Flavor Flav, Halle Berry’d be President for half-a-term! And for that very reason, that’s why I predict Oback Barama will not only be the Democratic nominee for President, Oback Barama will be the NEXT President of the United States! Okay?

And for those doubters out there who keep asking the question, “Is American ready for a black President?” I say, “Why not? We just had a retarded one!”

“Live, from New York, it’s Saturday Night!”

SNL Transcripts

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