SNL Transcripts: Peyton Manning: 03/24/07: Meatloaf Lovers

 Saturday Night Live Transcripts

  Season 32: Episode 16

06p: Peyton Manning / Carrie Underwood

Meatloaf Lovers

…..Peyton Manning

[ open on the image of a meatloaf being sliced and smothered in gravy ]

Peyton Manning V/O: Do you love meatloaf the way I do? Juicy, hot slices piled high and smothered in a rich, brown gravy?

[ cut to Peyton Manning ]

Peyton Manning: I’m Peyton Manning. And, if you like meatloaf as much as me, I’ve got the car for you. [ cut to Manning standing next to a white car ] The new Mercedes-550. A meatloaf lover’s dream. Look inside.

[ show interior of the vehicle ]

Peyton Manning V/O: Rich leather upholstery, wood grain highlights, and a stainless steel meatloaf oven simply to die for.

[ cut to Peyton driving the car along the highway ]

Peyton Manning: This is your car. Only the very best and tastiest meatloafs, cooked right here while you drive. Succulent — [ holds up a fork and takes a bite of the meatloaf ] juicy, done right. Homemade meatloaf straight from the oven and into your mouth.

[ cut to Peyton walking around to the trunk ]

Peyton Manning: Not enough? Check out what our engineer did to the trunk —

[ cut to close-up of the trunk as the lid is raised to reveal frozen meatloafs, plates, condiments and more ]

Peyton Manning V/O: — or, should I say, the butler’s pantry? Gravy holders.. ketchup.. frozen loafs —

[ cut to Peyton standing along the side of the car ]

Peyton Manning: And here’s the best part — you ride around in the 550 without your pants on!

[ camera zooms out to reveal that Peyton is pantsless ] [ cut to Peyton entering the driver’s seat pantsless ]

Peyton Manning: That’s right — no pants!

[ show overhead shot of toilets inside the driver’s and front passenger’s seats ]

Peyton Manning V/O: Each seat is a toilet.

[ cut back to Peyton sitting pantsless in the driver’s seat ]

Peyton Manning: Do we know our meatloaf lover’s or what?

[ cut to product symbol, with SUPER: “Meatloaf Lovers Dream” ]

Announcer: The Mercedes-550. A meatloaf lovers dream.

[ fade ]

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