SNL Transcripts: Amy Adams: 03/08/08: Fierce: The Hot Mess Makeover Show

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  Season 33: Episode 7

07g: Amy Adams / Vampire Weekend

Fierce: The Hot Mess Makeover Show

Christian Siriano…..Amy Poehler
Stephanie…..Casey Wilson
Tim Gunn…..Bill Hader
Heidi Klum…..Amy Adams

Announcer: Watch what happens when Bravo! brings you the newest makeover show.

Christian: Fierce!

[Christian sighs as he enters the apartment]

Christian: This place, it is like a hot tranny mess up in here!

Stephanie: Oh, well, I tried to clean up.

Announcer: Season 4 Project Runway winner Christian Siriano shows fashion victims the light on Fierce: The Hot Mess Makeover Show.

Christian: This jean jacket is a hot mess, but these stirrup pants are fierce. This turtleneck is tranny fierceness. Tranny!

Stephanie: I don’t…know what that means.

Christian: Fierce, tranny, you better work.

Stephanie: I’m sorry, I…do I look like a transvestite?

Announcer: Watch as the young fashion fiend flat-irons his hair and tells it like it is in his own private language.

Christian: [Going through contestant’s closet] Tranny, tranny, fierce, fierce, fierce, tranny, hot mess, cute, cute tranny, cute tranny, hot mess, tranny tranny…no, fierce, no, hot mess… [phone rings] Hold on, tranny. Hello? Hey tranny! It’s tranny. You’re a hot mess! Well you’re a tranny. Well you’re a hot tranny. Well you’re a hot mess. Well you are too! Bye!

Stephanie! I need to tell you something. You are a tranny who looks like a hot mess, and not in a good way. You’re a tickety tack tranny hot mess out of control super tranny from Transylvania who is not apologizing for it.

Stephanie: Is that good? Or…I’m sorry, I don’t understand a word you’re saying.

Announcer: Look who else stops by! Wise Bravo! elder…

Tim Gunn: That’s a lot of look.

Announcer: …Tim Gunn!

Tim Gunn: This worries me. Don’t bore Nina! Make it work.

Christian: No, YOU make it work, silver tranny ferocia!

Tim Gunn: We’re gonna have to go through your underwear drawer.

Stephanie: I thought you were gonna redo my bedroom.

Christian: Hey look! Look at these tranny panties. [Tim holds his nose] Hot mess.

Announcer: Enjoy everyone’s catchphrases! And check out this fierceness.

Heidi Klum: You’re either in or you’re out.

Announcer: Heidi Klum!

Heidi Klum: I’m sorry, Stephanie, you’re out! Auf Wiedersehen! [Heidi kisses Stephanie on both cheeks]

Stephanie: But I live here.

Heidi Klum: I’m so sorry, you’re out.

Stephanie: But can I come back?

Heidi Klum: No, you cannot come in or out. You’re out, you have to stay out!

Stephanie: I don’t get this show!

Heidi Klum: Oh, obviously.

Christian: Bye, have fun, tranny!

Tim Gunn: Make it work. That worried me.

Heidi Klum: Out!

Announcer: Fierce: The Hot Mess Makeover Show. Like Project Runway, with some of the same people, half the budget and twice the catchphrases. Scratch that–THREE times the catchphrases!

Christian: Fierce!

Submitted by: Joe Murray

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