SNL Transcripts: Neil Patrick Harris: 01/10/09: Frost/Other People

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  Season 34: Episode 12

08l: Neil Patrick Harris / Taylor Swift

Frost/Other People

David Frost….Neil Patrick Harris
Richard Nixon…..Darrell Hammond
Assistant…..Jason Sudeikis
David Bowie…..Bill Hader
David Crosby…..Bobby Moynihan
Paul Lynde…..Fred Armisen
Fred “Rerun” Berry…..Kenan Thompson

Caption: Frost/Nixon

Announcer: Critics are raving for Ron Howard´s Frost/Nixon. The gripping real life drama of David Frost historic interview with a fallen Richard Nixon.

(Cut to David Frost interviewing Richard Nixon in a room)

David Frost: (British accent) Are you saying that the President of the United States is allowed to do something illegal?

Richard Nixon: I´m saying that when the President of the United States does it, is not illegal.

David Frost: You know that we´re taping, right?

Richard Nixon: Wha–? Uh?

(An assistant comes out and interrupts)

Assistant: No, no, no. Stop the interview! Stop the interview! Mr. President, come on!

(Cut to a still of Frost looking intrigued)

Announcer: And to top off that success we put together this hastily ensemble sequel. Frost/Other People.

Caption: Frost/Other People

(another still with Frost holding a pencil, arched eyebrow)

Announcer: Watch as David Frost takes on other celebrities of the 70´s. Like David Bowie.

(cut to the interview room)

David Frost: And even though you sing again and again about traveling through space, you´re not an astronaut and have in fact, never left the Earth.

(David Bowie circa 1970 has red punkish hair and a lighting bolt drawn across his face)

David Bowie: Well, let me stop you right there, because—

David Frost: I mean, can you even name all the planets?

David Bowie: Come on, man. Don´t do this to me. I´m an artist, man. Just let the children boogie.

(same assistant interrupts, he has red, punkish hair like Bowie)

Assistant: Ok, all right, all right. Don´t say another word, Bowie. This interview is over.

Caption: Frost / Other People

Announcer: After the success of Nixon, David Frost just couldn´t leave it well enough alone.

(another still of Frost looking smug)

Announcer: And now watch him go for the jugular again and again.

(another still of Frost screaming and another pointing mad as hell)

Announcer: See the tension of Frost´s 5 part interview that finally cracked David Crosby.

Caption: Frost / Crosby

(Cut to interview room with famous druggie, folk-rock pioneer, David Crosby. He has long hair and handlebar mustache)

David Frost: Mr. Crosby, are you in fact, a coked up walrus?

David Crosby: Yes!

(same assistant interrupts, has handlebar mustache too)

Assistant: Ok, all right. That´s it. Interview is over!

(David Crosby swats to invisible bugs around him)

Announcer: Rolling Stone magazine raves: “I like anything, so this counts” and The New York Post says: “Long Island Perv, Cops Plea” You´ll be riveted as you watch him go after game show staple Paul Lynde.

(Cut to interview room with Frost and a very nervous Paul Lynde. He has a very gay blue handkerchief tied around his neck)

Paul Lynde: Ask anything you want. I don´t have anything to hide. Oh, wait. I have everything to hide!(stammers nervously) Just look in my closet. It´s huge in there. Big enough for two. Nothing in there but shoes though. I´m heavy on the shoes but I´m light on the loafers.(breaks down, almost crying) Did I just say that?

(assistant interrupts wearing the gay blue handkerchief)

Assistant: All right, stop.

Paul Lynde: He hasn´t asked a question yet!

Caption: Frost / Other People

Announcer: Its over 90 minutes of people from the past sitting and talking in chairs.

(cut to various stills of Frost´s face)

Announcer: Watch as David Frost takes on none other than Fred “Rerun” Berry.

Caption: Frost/Berry

(Cut to interview room with “Rerun” Berry wearing a red beret and suspenders)

David Frost: In the “What´s Happening” episode entitled “Doobie or not Dobbie”…

Fred “Rerun” Berry: Wait, wait, wait. Hold on…

David Frost: You, Dwayne and Rog are invited by the Doobie Brothers to one of their concerts even though they asked you specifically not to make a bootleg tape.

Fred “Rerun” Berry: No, hold on, hold on. I see where you´re going with this. We went to the concert because we were fans of the Doobie Brothers.

David Frost: Let me get this straight. Three young black men from Los Angeles are fans of the Doobie Brothers?

Fred “Rerun” Berry: (breaks down and cries) It was the only band we could get.

(assistant interrupts wearing red beret and suspenders like “Rerun”)

Assistant: Ok, let´s go Rerun. Let´s go.

Fred “Rerun” Berry: Shabba doo, hit the music!(gets up and dances 70´s style with the assistant)

Caption: Frost/Other People

Announcer: Frost/Other People in theaters just in time for Award season. Uh…what? Its too late? Oh, damn.

(cheers and applause)


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