SNL Transcripts: Seth Rogen: 04/04/09: Goodnights

 Saturday Night Live Transcripts

  Season 34: Episode 19

08s: Seth Rogen / Phoenix


…..Seth Rogen

Seth Rogen: I want to thank Phoenix for coming. I want to thank Lorne, and the cast… and, uh, my family and friends — thanks for coming, thank you! And, uh, once again, guys… give it up for Phoenix!

[ the camera pans over to Phoenix on the musical guest stage, as the credits begin to roll ]

Phoenix: [ singing ]“Baby, when I saw you turning at the end of the street
I knew a time was gone and it took me like ages
Just to understand that I was afraid to be a simple guy
I tried my best to smile, but deep inside my heart
I felt it was shouting like a crowd dancing
I guess I couldn’t live without the things that made my life what it is.

Can’t you hear it calling, oh yeah
Everybody’s dancin’, oh yeah
Tonight, everything is over
I feel too young.

I can’t lie on my bed without thinking I was wrong
But when that feeling calls, this world becomes another
Nighttime won’t hold me in your arms again
I got a very good friend who says he can’t believe the love I give…”

[ the credits cut off ]

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