SNL Transcripts: Megan Fox: 09/26/09: Goodnights

 Saturday Night Live Transcripts

  Season 35: Episode 1

09a: Megan Fox / U2


…..Megan Fox

Megan Fox: Thank you to U2. Um – I want to say thank you to the cast and crew of “Saturday Night Live”. Thank you SO much for letting me do this. And, once again, here’s U2!

[ the camera pans over to the musical guest stage ]

U2: [ singing ]“Sometimes I feel like I don’t know
Sometimes I feel like checkin’ out
I want to get it wrong
Can’t always be strong
And love it won’t be long.

Oh sugar, don’t you cry
Oh child, wipe the tears from your eyes
You know I need you to be strong
And the day is as dark as the night is long
I feel like trash, you make me feel clean
I’m in the black, but can’t see or be seen
Baby, baby, baby…light my way
(alright now)
Baby, baby, baby…light my way.

You bury your treasure
Where it can’t be found
But your love is like a secret
That’s been passed around
There is a silence that comes to a house
Where no one can sleep
I guess it’s the price of love
I know it’s not cheap.

(oh, come on)
Baby, baby, baby…light my way
(oh, come on)
Baby, baby, baby…light my way….”

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