SNL Transcripts: Gerard Butler: 10/17/09: What Up With That?


 Saturday Night Live Transcripts

  Season 35: Episode 4

09d: Gerard Butler / Shakira

What Up With That?

D’Andre Cole….Kenan Thompson
Leslie Faree….Abby Elliott
Emcee….Will Forte
Back up singers/dancers….Jenny Slate, Nasim Pedrad
White Peace….Gerard Butler
Lindsey Buckingham….Bill Hader
Red track suit dancer….Jason Sudeikis
Kenny G look-alike….Fred Armisen
Picabo Street….Kristen Wiig
….James Franco

[BET TV logo] [Opens with a party atmosphere talk show with a funky, catchy theme song]

Emcee: It’s “What up with that?” Tackling the issues of today with soul! With environmentalist activist and author Leslie Faree, [pretty blond] James Franco![actor James Franco] And musician Lindsey Buckingham! [cut to Lindsey] And now here is your host, D’Andre Co-o-o-o-le!

[D’Andre comes out mic in hand dancing like a Southern Baptist preacher]

D’Andre Cole: [singing] Woke up this morning and I got out of bed, got a big ‘ol cup of coffee just to clear my head, telephone rang and you want to chat, well sit on down and tell me “what up with that?” Oooooweeee, what up with that? What up with that? Oooooweeee, what up with that? What up with that? He said, she said, we said, Lee said, what up with that? Who knew?, you knew, say what, voodoo, what up with that? What u-u-u-u-u-up, with tha-a-a-a-at?! Yes! [music stops, sits down] All right. This is “What up with that?” We have 3 wonderful guests here joining me. We’re going to talk about people! We’re going to talk about places, [funky music resumes and D’Andre sings] we’re gonna talk about fingers, we’re going to talk about faces,[D’Andre walks into the audience] we’re going to talk about things pertaining to you, and you, and you, and you, and you, you too, not you, but you and you, everybody say! Oooooweeee, what up with that?! What up with that?Oooooweeee what up with that? What up with that? [a Kenny G look-alike plays the funky saxophone, a guy in a red track-suit with a perm dances 80’s electroboogie style] What up? I said what’s u-u-u-up? What up with that? I said what u-u-u-up?[guy in the red track-suit does the running man in slow motion] What up with tha-a-a-a-at? E.T. likes Reese’s pieces! [music ends, D’Andre sits down] All right. That was fun. Let’s meet a guest. She is here, she’s a biotologist, [Kenan fumbles a bit, cracks up] biologist from a network called “Planet Green”. She is here to give us some straight talk about the rain forest. Her name is Leslie Faree. Hello, baby.

Leslie Faree: Hello.

D’Andre Cole: Now, you gonna talk about deforestation, is that right?

Leslie Faree: Yes. Did you know that we’re losing an acre and a half of the rain forest every second? It is one of the earth’s greatest biological treasures….

[funky theme song resumes]

D’Andre Cole: [funky head movement] Biological treasures….

Leslie Faree: ….it would be totally consumed in 4 years….

D’Andre Cole: ….totally consumed….

Leslie Faree: ….we’re losing dozens of animal and species….

D’Andre Cole: Animal and species, it’s a tragedy baby![gets up] And I got to say! [sings] Oooooweeee what up with that? What up with that?

Leslie Faree: [confused] Do I just sit here?

D’Andre Cole:[sings] Oooooweeee what up with that? What up with that? Ladies and gentlemen, we’re going to slow it down for just a second. Yeah. [music tempo slows down, D’Andre lights some candles] Cause I’m going to turn my microphone over to my good friend, “The Sexecutioner”! White Peace!

[White Peace comes out in a pimp-looking white suit, cane, goatee, dark shades]

White Peace: Oh, yeah girl. I wanna take you on a spaceship and move into a permanent orbit around “ur-anus”. I’m going to send out some probes and I’m going to explore all your craters.[into Leslie’s ear] So, girl…lower your shields because I come in peace and I say, I say, Hey!

D’Andre Cole: Heh, heh, heh, heh, heh, hey-y-y-y-y!

D’Andre Cole and White Peace: Oooooweeee what up with that? What up with that? Oooooweeee what up with that? What up with that?

D’Andre Cole: Ladies and gentlemen, gold medal winning skier, Picabo Street! [Picabo struts across the stage funky dancing] Go Picabo! Go Picabo! Go Picabo! Go Picabo! Go Picabo! Go Picabo! Oooooweeee what up with that?

[Emcee comes down and does the robot dance, Picabo dances, back up singers sing and dance, Kenny G plays funky sax, Red track suit guy dances the 80’s electroboogie style, White Peace pimps it out, guests just sit]

D’Andre Cole:[sings] I said what u-u-u-u-u-up!

White Peace: Oh, yeah!

D’Andre Cole: I said what u-u-u-u-u-up?

White Peace: The sex is crazy up in here!

D’Andre Cole: I said what up with tha-a-a-a-a-at?

White Peace: It’s the invasion of the booty snatchers!

D’Andre Cole: What up with that? [prolonged music ending] Tell me what up with that? You think is all over, but not really, I got one story, I went downtown, to a party, and I said “Can I get in?” They said “Five dollars” I said “Never mind” [music ends, D’Andre sits] Well, looks like we’re out of time. I wanna thank my guest Leslie Faree. [Leslie shakes her head] And I apologize to my guests who got bumped. Actor James Franco from “Spider-Man” [James nods] And from the band “Fleetwood Mac”, Lindsey Buckingham. Lindsey, man, you been here like 12 times, what up with that? [Lindsey waves it off] Ok, until next time, I’m D’Andre Cole asking you….heh, heh, heh, heh, heh, he-y-y-y-y! [music resumes] Oooooweeee what up with that? What up with that? Oooooweeee what up with that? What up with that?

Caption: What up with that?

[cheers and applause] [fade]

Submitted by: Waldo San Miguel

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