SNL Transcripts: Robert DeNiro: 12/04/10: Greetings from American America: I, Hippie

 Saturday Night Live Transcripts

  Season 36: Episode 8

10h: Robert DeNiro / Diddy Dirty Money

Greetings from American America: I, Hippie

Voice of Hippie…..Dana Carvey

[ SATURDAY NIGHT LIVE & BEYOND THE COMICS presents… ] [ intercut images within postcard entitled “Greetings from American America” ] [ psychedelic shapes form into the image of an aged hippie ] [ title: “I, Hippie” — with Dana Carvey ]

Hippie: I remember getting onboard Ken Kesey’s bus, and we’d drive on down to Big Sur and listen to the music of our time, man! Or some of the latest beat poetry laid down by Jack Kerouac or Ginsberg. We were changing the way it all worked, man! And thumbing our noses at the powers-that-be. And it was beautiful!

[ pull back to reveal that the hippie is standing behind a fast food counter ]

Hippie: Anyhow — Welcome to Burger King. May I take your order, please?

[ credits ] [ fade ]

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