SNL Transcripts: Paul Rudd: 12/11/10: Feline Culinary Creations


 Saturday Night Live Transcripts

  Season 36: Episode 8

10i: Paul Rudd / Paul McCartney

Feline Culinary Creations

Woman…..Abby Elliott
Chef…..Paul Brittain
Chef…..Nasim Pedrad

[ open on woman petting her pussycat on the couch ]

Announcer: Every member of your family deserves the best — even your cat.

[ dissolve to fancy restaurant kitchen ]

Announcer: That’s why we at Pet Chalet asked a panel of premier European chefs to create the ULTIMATE menu.

[ dissolve to product display ]

Announcer: Introducing Feline Culinary Creations.

[ dissolve to meals being prepared in fancy pans on the stove ]

Announcer: Handcrafted gourmet meals you can proudly bring to your cat’s table. Recipes like: Filet Au Poivre with Shiitake Demi-Glace.

[ cut to fancy plate as a glop of fancy cat food plops upon it ]

Announcer: Salmon Carpaccio with Lobster Medallions.

[ cut to fancy plate as a glop of fancy cat food plops upon it and splashes in all directions ]

[ one of the chefs blows a kiss to his creation ]

Announcer: A trio of Braised Lamb, Venison Ravioli and Broccoli Rabe.

[ cut to fancy plate as a glop of fancy cat food plops upon it ]

Announcer: Sweet and Sour Crab with Myerlemon Bok Choy.

[ cut to fancy plate as a glop of fancy cat food slides out of the package and is scraped out by hand ]

[ one of the chefs taste her own creation and savors the experience ]

Announcer: So show your cat what fine dining is all about.

[ the woman places a fancy plate of cat food onto her coffee table, as her cat jumps up to enjoy his meal ]

[ the woman toasts a glass of wine to her cat, who toasts a glass right back at her ]

Announcer: Feline Culinary Creations. For the love of your cat.

[ fade ]

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