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  Season 36: Episode 10

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December 18th, 2010

Jeff Bridges


Lil Wayne


Cookie Monster


Jessica Alba

Blake Lively

John McEnroe

Jorma Taccone

Akiva Schaffer

Michael Patrick O’Brien

Christmas Eve in Washington, D.C.Summary: Frosty the Snowman (Kenan Thompson) envisions Democrats dreaming about better headlines in 2011.

Recurring Characters: President Barack Obama, Hillary Clinton, Rahm Emanuel, Nancy Pelosi, Joe Biden.



Jeff Bridges’ MonologueSummary: Jeff Bridges explains how he’s different than The Dude from “The Big Lebowski”, then sings “Silver Bells” with Cookie Monster.


Julian AssangeSummary: Now released from prison, Julian Assange (Bill Hader) interrupts a message from Mark Zuckerberg (Andy Samberg) to state that he should have been chosen as Time Magazine’s Person of the Year.

Recurring Characters: Mark Zuckerberg, Julian Assange.


The Miley Cyrus ShowSummary: Miley Cyrus (Vanessa Bayer) has a pretty cool time interviewing fellow drug user Nick Nolte (Jeff Bridges).

Recurring Characters: Miley Cyrus, Billy Ray Cyrus.

An SNL Digital ShortSummary: Andy Samberg and the Lonely Island rap “I Just Had Sex” with Akon.


Larry King LiveSummary: Larry King’s (Fred Armisen) final broadcast features guests Jermaine Jackson (Kenan Thompson), The Judds (Kristen Wiig, Abby Elliott), and Dog the Bounty Hunter (Jeff Bridges).

Recurring Characters: Larry King, Wynonna Judd.

Crunkmas KarnivalSummary: DJ Super Soak (Jason Sudeikis) and Lil Blaster (Nasim Pedrad) promote the under-underground Christmas rock festival that features Joanna Kern.

Recurring Characters: DJ Super Soak, Lil Blaster, Ass Dan.


Eminem and Lil’ Wayne perform “No Love”

Weekend Update with Seth MeyersSummary: Republican National Committee Chairman Michael Steele (Kenan Thompson) is hip to running for a second term. Brad Pitt (Taram Killem) delivers the weather forecast as Angelina Jolie (Abby Elliott) delivers another adopted baby. Seth Meyers’ favorite trio of commentators, former governor David Paterson (Fred Armisen), Stefon (Bill Hader) and Snooki (Bobby Moynihan), perform a Christmas classic.

Recurring Characters: Michael Steele, Angelina Jolie, David Paterson, Stefon, Snooki.

TCM: This, You Call a Wonderful Life?!Summary: Ben Mankiewicz (Bill Hader) presents clips of the earlier, Jew-heavy version of “It’s a Wonderful Life”.

Recurring Characters: Ben Mankiewicz, Jimmy Stewart.

Jeff’dSummary: Jeff Bridges presents clips of lame practical jokes he’s played on other celebrities.

Recurring Characters: Sam Elliott, Billy Bob Thornton.

Eminem and Lil’ Wayne perform “Won’t Back Down” & “6’7”

Tunstall General StoreSummary: At an Old West general store, the shopkeeper (Bill Hader) relunctantly allows his cousin (Kristen Wiig) and her “special” friend (Jeff Bridges) to wrap customers gifts in ostentatious packaging for the Christmas holidays.


A Holiday Message from The KardashiansSummary: Kim (Nasim Pedrad), Kourtney (Vanessa Bayer) and Khloe Kardashian (Abby Elliott) wish all their viewers a happy holiday.

Recurring Characters: Kim Kardashian, Kourtney Kardashian, Khloe Kardashian.


Dress Rehearsal Cuts

Mall Santa InterviewsSummary: Recruiters (Andy Samberg, Abby Elliott) interview inappropriate candidates for a mall Santa position.

Christmas PartySummary: Teenager (Paul Brittain) acts obnoxious during a family Christmas party.

Bedelia’s Drama ClassSummary: Bedelia (Nasim Pedrad) would rather hang around her drama teacher (Jeff Bridges) than socialize with her classmates.

Recurring Characters: Bedelia.

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