SNL Transcripts: Russell Brand: 02/12/11: Don’ You Go Rounin’ Roun To Re Ro


 Saturday Night Live Transcripts

  Season 36: Episode 15

10o: Russell Brand / Chris Brown

Don’ You Go Rounin’ Roun To Re Ro

Terry Donovan….Bill Hader
Parole Board Officer….Kristen Wiig
British Gangster….Fred Armisen
Rastaman….Russell Brand
Terry’s wife….Nasim Pedrad

[Opens with distinguished recognition from Film festivals] [Official Selection Cannes Film Festival. Venice Film Festival. Berlin Film Festival]

Announcer: Terry Donovan spent 17 years in an English prison.

[Terry walks out the prison gate] [Terry meets his Parole Officer]

Parole Officer: Do you feel that you’re rehabilitated, Mr. Donovan?

Terry Donovan: Yeah, right.

[Terry shares an elevator with a couple of Brit thugs. A bald British Gangster with a pitbull sits on a couch]

British Gangster: I’ve got a job for you, Terry.

Terry Donovan: No, don’t. I don’t do that kind of thing anymore.

[A gun is being loaded]

Announcer: But he’ll pick up a gun once again to defend the one thing he loves.

British Gangster: If you don’t do what we say…[holds a picture of a little girl] we’ll….sajawama jamawajmaja.

[Terry responds in anger with the same English incomprehensible pikey slang]

Terry Donovan: Naw! Hawaw! Bihaduran! Dina! Mate!

Announcer: The critics are raving: “British… Extremely British… I didn’t understand what they were saying”

[More gibberish between Terry and the British Gangster] [Terry drives a car, intense look]

Announcer: From the producers of “Sexy Beast”, the “Red Riding trilogy” and “Lock, Stock and Two Smoking Barrels”.

[Terry chases and catches a Rasta looking thug. He roughs him up against a door]

Terry: [muttering British slang]

Rastaman: [even more complicated slang]

Announcer: And the director of “Easy Around the Bend” and “Go Rough, All right” comes the toughest, grittiest, most British crime drama of the year.

[Terry holds up a gun]

Terry Donovan: Don’ you go Rounin’ Roun to Re Ro. [fires the gun]

Announcer: Don’ you go Rounin’ Roun to Re Ro.

[Terry walks in slow motion]

USA Today says: “I thought they were speaking a foreign language. I don’t think I heard a single consonant.”

[Terry and his wife talk in the kitchen]

Terry’s wife: If we don’t pay, they’re going to kill her.

Terry Donovan: Darling, go say I told him to….[muttering more pikey slang]

Terry’s wife: But what if you’re wrong?

[Terry screams incoherently in slow motion, a gun fires, British Gangster punches a heavy punching bag, laughs]

Announcer: Time magazine says: “Is there a way to turn on subtitles for a movie in English? If so, which button is it?

[Rastaman talks on an intercom]

Rastaman: Hey! Oi! Hey! Oi! Hey! Oi! Ai!

[Rastaman is buzzed in] [Rastaman plays cards in slow motion and British Gangster keeps punching the punching bag]

Announcer: Peter Travers says: “The one guy in a tracksuit, “Gypsy” or “Crispy” was good. Either way it seemed like a lot of killing over a very small amount of money.”

[Terry, Rastaman and the British Gangster point their guns at each other. They screamed and mutter pikey slang]

British Gangster: Oi! Oi! Oi![fires gun]

Announcer: Don’ you go Rounin’ Roun to Re Ro.

[Terry talks softly to his wife in unintelligible slang]

Terry’s wife: What?


Submitted by: Waldo San Miguel

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