SNL Transcripts: Zach Galifianakis: 03/12/11: Noodles

 Saturday Night Live Transcripts

  Season 36: Episode 17

10q: Zach Galifianakis / Jessie J


Mom…..Kristen Wiig
Daughter #1…..Nasim Pedrad
Daughter #2…..Abby Elliott
Son…..Bobby Moynihan
Dr. Franks…..Bill Hader
Voice of Noodles…..Kenan Thompson

[ open on interior, family room ]

Dad: Uh, Trish, uh, I think we need to tell the kids about the dog.

Mom: You’re right, but let’s be gentle about it. Noodles was part of this family.

Dad: Of course. [ calling ] Hey, gang!

[ the kids come running in and take their seats on the couch ]

Dad: You kids okay? Um… You probably have been wondering where Noodles is.

Daughter #1: Is he having a treat?

Daughter #2: Is he at the dog park?

Son: He’s still alive, I’m sure.

Dad: Kids… sometimes when dogs get a little older… moms and dads… send them away to a nice farm.

Mom: And that’s what we did with Noodles. He’s at a big farm upstate, with lots of dogs to play with. And, hey — remember how Noodles… loved avocadoes?

Kids: Yeah!

Mom: Okay! Well, he’s on this farm, and they’ve got avocadoes growing on every tree!

Son: Oh, wow!

Daughter #2: I’m gonna miss him, but… I’m glad he’s happy.

Daughter #1: [ suspicious ] Wait a minute… you said the farm was upstate?

Mom: Uh, yeah.

Daughter #1: Well… unless New York State has undergone some kind of drastic climate shift, I doubt you’d find avocado trees there. Where’s Noodles?

Son & Daughter #2: Yeah, where’s Noodles?!

Mom: [ whispering ] Honey, try something else.

Dad: Okay, kids… Noodles is in doggie heaven. There’s lots of other dogs there, and… remember how he loved Aunt Rita?

Kids: Yeah?

Dad: Well… [ struggling ] She’s there to give them treats.

Son: Huh. But… why is Aunt Rita in doggie heaven?

Dad: Because God wants you to look like a dog. [ the kids eye him suspiciously ] Let me — let me just start over. Uhhh… [ he takes Mom’s hand and thinks ] Noodles was attacked by a bear.

Mom: [ whispering ] What?

Dad: I’m sorry! I panicked!

Daughter #1: What kind of bear? And it’d better be indignious to New York State!

Dad: [ crying ] It was! It was a panda bear!

Daughter #1: [ sternly ] What happened to Noodles?

Daughter #2: Yeahhh, what happened to Noodles?

Son: What happened to Noodles!

Mom: Noodles was killed by the Latin Kings.

Daughter #1: [ annoyed ] The Latin Kings haven’t been active in this area for YEARS!

Son: Yeah, uh… yeah!

Mom: [ whispering to Dad ] You take it.

Dad: Okay… [ thinking ] Noodles hung himself.

Daughter #1: [ aggravated ] He would NEVER hang himself! He had TOO much to live for!

Dad: He didn’t mean to hang himself, he was just —

Mom: Honey, you CAN’T Tell them!

Dad: The truth… MUST come out.

[ the kids scream for Dad to finally be honest ]


[ the kinds are stunned into silence ]

Dad: It was the ONLY way he could CLIMAX!! He would tighten his collar and LICK himself DRY!! And it went too far!!

Mom: Honey, let me, let me… [ solemn music pots up ] Kids… it’s called autoerotic asphysixation. It’s when a person or dog intensifies the thrill of masturbation by strangling himself. Sometimes they go a little far with the strangling. That’s what happened to Noodles.

Dad: It’s true. We found this dog porn magazine next to him. [ he holds up an issue of Puggs, then gives it a curious glance before putting it back down ] But… hey, even though Noodles died that way, we still do love him. Right?

Kids: Yeah…

[ Dr. Franks enters, carrying Noodles ]

Dr. Franks: Hello. I’m Dr. Franks from the vet’s office. Good news, everyone! We hought Noodles was dead, but he was just… in a coma! Anyway… here he is!

[ Dr. Franks hands Noodles over to the kids, who immediately gush over him ]

Mom: Oh! Kids, go play with Noodles!

Daughter #1: Maybe later…

Son: Yeah, I don’t know if I like him in my lap.

Noodles V/O: Ah, I suspected! I know you know what I’m doing. I know you think I’m a freak.

Dad: Noodles? Please know we would, we would never judge you.

Noodles V/O: Oh, I know! Only God can judge Noodles! You know… this family’s been through a lot today. So why don’t I do a little number to cheer everyone up?

[ music pots up, as Noodles sings “Luck Be a Lady” to fade ]

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