SNL Transcripts: Daniel Radcliffe: 01/14/12: The Jay Pharoah Show


 Saturday Night Live Transcripts

  Season 37: Episode 12

11l: Daniel Radcliffe / Lana Del Rey

The Jay Pharoah Show

…..Jay Pharoah
…..Daniel Radcliffe

[ open on talk show set ]

Jay Pharoah: What’s going on, everybody? It’s “The Jay Pharoah Show”, with your host… [ he points to himself ] Jay Pharoah. I’m with my man — Daniel Radcliffe. Hey.

Daniel Radcliffe: Hi! Hello, Jay! I’m very — [ Jay high-fives him ] Oh! Thank you!

Jay Pharoah: There we go.

Daniel Radcliffe: I’m VERY excited to be here!

Jay Pharoah: Oh. Well… as Denzel Washington would say: [ imitating ] “Daniel Radcliffe! [ he chuckles heartily ] My man!” [ he claps his hands ]

Daniel Radcliffe: [ impressed, laughs ] Yes! Denzel Washington. That’s very good, I’ve seen that.

Jay Pharoah: Oh, thanks, man. Let me get my cards here. [ he grabs some blue cards and sighs ] So, uh… okay, yeah — som you just shot a new movie?

Daniel Radcliffe: Uh — yes! It’s called “The Woman in Black”.

Jay Pharoah: Okay, okay. And was that your first movie?

Daniel Radcliffe: Uh… no. No, not exactly.

Jay Pharoah: Okay. Okay.

Daniel Radcliffe: I was in the… the “Harry Potter” films.

Jay Pharoah: Oh, okay. Okay. Alright.

Daniel Radcliffe: [ confused ] Uh… are you familiar with “Harry Potter”? He’s, uh, a boy wizard.

Jay Pharoah: [ quickly ] Mmm-hmm. Oh, yeah! Yeah… yeah, yeah. [ fumbling for something to add ] Yeah… yeah, you know… [ imitating ] “Yeah! ‘Cause you know what WILL SMITH says about WIZARDS, right? You know what I’m saying? [ laughs like Smith ] Whooooo!! Wizards!”

Daniel Radcliffe: [ laughing ] It’s, uh — it’s a very good Will Smith!

Jay Pharoah: Oh, thanks, man. So, uh… [ consults his card and breathes heavily ] So, uh — “boy wizard”. You know, how’d you come up with that?

Daniel Radcliffe: Wha…? No! It wasn’t me! It was, uh, the author — J.K. Rowling!

Jay Pharoah: [ nodding ] Yeah, yeah… uh-huh…

Daniel Radcliffe: She wrote a series of books.

Jay Pharoah: Okay.

Daniel Radcliffe: Are you familiar with the books?

Jay Pharoah: [ quickly ] Oh, yeah. Yeah. Yeah… yeah, yeah, yeah.

Daniel Radcliffe: Do you… have a favorite?

Jay Pharoah: Yeah. [ fumbling to elaborate, he breaks into a Chris Rock impression ] “Well, you know what CHRIS ROCK says about boo-oo-ooks! It’s fun to read!”

Daniel Radcliffe: Right. Right. That’s Chris Rock. You know, Jay — it’s perfectly fine if you’re not familiar with Harry Potter.

Jay Pharoah: Okay.

Daniel Radcliffe: You know, not everyone has to be a fan.

Jay Pharoah: [ he breathes a sigh of relief ] Okay. Yeah, yeah… Yeah. Alright.

Daniel Radcliffe: So, honestly — do you know who I am?

Jay Pharoah: [ nodding ] Y-yeah. You know… [ breaks into another impression ] “Also: I’m TRACY MORGAN! And I want to get everybody in here PREGNANT!” [ he rubs his belly ]

Daniel Radcliffe: [ laughing ] That’s… very funny!

Jay Pharoah: [ laughing ] Man, you’re nice.

Daniel Radcliffe: Oh! Thanks!

Jay Pharoah: Well, uh… you need some more water?

Daniel Radcliffe: Uhh — no. [ he picks up an oversized glass ] I am… good… on water.

Jay Pharoah: Ohhh-kay. [ he sighs, as the theme music pots up ] Hey, there it is! “The Jay Pharoah Show”: 2012. Thank you for watching!

[ fade ]

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