SNL Transcripts: Daniel Radcliffe: 01/14/12: Glenda Okones for Mayor

 Saturday Night Live Transcripts

  Season 37: Episode 12

11l: Daniel Radcliffe / Lana Del Rey

Glenda Okones for Mayor

Glenda Okones…..Kristen Wiig

[ open on Glenda Okones standing ]

Glenda Okones: Hey. I’m Glenda Okones. I’m running for Mayor of Glen Falls. Because of the cutthroat nature of this campaign, I am released an attack ad — on myself!

Announcer: Who’s the real Glenda Okones?

Glenda Okones: I’m flawed. They say I’m harsh, I’m cold… the B-word has been thrown around quite a bit.

Announcer: B-Word.

Glenda Okones: Here’s why: I just have a naturally frowny face. Not ugly, but certainly severe looking.

Announcer: Severe looking.

Glenda Okones: A lot of people say I’m a bad listener. You may be sharing a story from your life, one that’s going to remind me of a better story — from MY life. So I’m just gonna start talking louder than you, and hopefully you’ll give up and stop talking altogether.

I think it’s okay to push people.

Well, there you go — now it’s all out there. If you’re looking for a cute mayor who listens to you, I am not your candidate. But if you’re okay with this: Vote Okones.

Announcer: Glenda Okones for Mayor.

[ fade ]

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