SNL Transcripts: Josh Brolin: 04/14/12: Another SNL Digital Short


 Saturday Night Live Transcripts

  Season 37: Episode 19

11s: Josh Brolin / Gotye

Another SNL Digital Short

…..Andy Samberg
…..Taran Kllam

[ SUPER: “An SNL Digital Short” ] [ “Another” sizzles on top ] [ cut to Gotye’s dressing room, as Andy Samberg and Taran Killam come knocking ]

Andy Samberg: Hey! Gotye! How are you?

Gotye: Nice to meet you!

Taran Killam: We just wanted to say Hi! before the show!

Andy Samberg: Yeah. Big fans of yours.

Taran Killam: HUGE!

Gotye: I’m a big fan of you guys, too, so…

Andy Samberg: [ humbled ] Ahh! It’s probably me more than Taran, but, uh… [ Taran grimaces ] Your “Somebody I Used To Know” video is amazing! You’re painted, the wall’s painted, and you’re like camoflauged into the scenery.

Taran Killam: Yeah! It’s best of the year.

Gotye: Wow! You seem like really big fans!

Andy & Taran: [ smiling ] We are!!

Gotye: Cool, uh… I’d better get warmed up, you know, and, uh…

Taran Killam: Of course! We’ll get out of your hair!

Gotye: Alright.

Andy Samberg: Have a good one.

[ Andy and Taran exit the dressing room, as Gotye closes the door and sits in front of a painting on the wall and reads the newspaper ] [ Gotye’s song begins to play, as Andy and Taran appear behind the couch with their bodies painted so as to help them blend in with the painting on the wall ]

Gotye: Guys?

Andy Samberg: What? What’s up?

Gotye: What are you doing?

Andy Samberg: We’re like you! Get it?

Taran Killam: We like your music video! We told you that.

Gotye: Yeah. I just really want to focus on the show tonight.

Andy Samberg: We totally get that…

Taran Killam: We’re not even here.

Andy Samberg: Just ignore us.

[ Gotye stares unbelievably at the stillness of Andy and Taran, until the music pops up again and they begin to sway in time ]

Gotye: Yeah… it’s weird, guys.

Andy Samberg: [ whispering ] Like from the video!

Gotye: Guys! Seriously! Could you leave?! [ the music stops ] Please?

Andy Samberg: A thousand apologies. We overplayed this.

Taran Killam: We see that now.

Gotye: Yes! Uh… we’ll get out of your hair.

Taran Killam: You will NOT see us again.

Gotye: Goodbye.

[ Gotye returns to his paper as Andy and Taran exit the dressing room away from the door ]

Taran Killam: [ peeking in, with soundtrack ] “I used to know!!”

Gotye: Wow.

Andy Samberg: [ peeking in, with soundtrack ] “I used to know!!”

Gotye: Jeez!

Andy & Taran: [ peeking in, with soundtrack ] “I used to know!!”

Gotye: [ jumping up ] GUYS, YOU GOTTA LEAVE!!

[ Andy & Taran rush to the door ]

Gotye: [ covering his eyes ] Put some pants on next time.

[ reveal Andy & Taran’s full-on nudity ]

Taran Killam: We intentionally didn’t pain this part.

Andy Samberg: We wanted you to see.

Gotye: Well, I see!

Andy & Taran: [ weakly ] “I used to knowwww!!”

[ Gotye doesn’t respond ]

Taran Killam: We’ll leave.

Andy Samberg: We’ll leave.

[ Andy & Taran exit Gotye’s dressing room, their bare butts wagging ] [ fade ]

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