SNL Transcripts: Josh Brolin: 04/14/12: HBO First Look

 Saturday Night Live Transcripts

  Season 37: Episode 19

11s: Josh Brolin / Gotye

HBO First Look

Written by: Sarah Schneider, Zach Kanin, and Kumail Nanjiani

Kit Harrington…..Taran Killam
Therese Sullivan…..Kate McKinnon
George R. R. Martin…..Bobby Moynihan
Adam Friedberg…..Andy Samberg
Director…..John Solomon

Announcer: And now, an “HBO First Look” at the hit series “Game of Thrones”.

[ display fighting scenes ]

Kit Harrington: “Game of Thrones” is, uh, an epic story of good vs. evil.

Therese Sullivan: You never know who to root for, the characters are all so complex.

Announcer: The success of the show is linked to its two creative consultants: Author George R.R. Martin…

George R. R. Martin: I’m on-set to ensure that the show honors the spirit of my books.

Announcer: And Adam Friedberg, a 13-year old boy.

Adam Friedberg: [ lisping ] I make sure there are lots of boobs in the show! [ he grins triumphantly ]

Kit Harrington: He’s a genius. He take one look at a scene and know exactly what’s missing.

[ show Adam holding up a page with a stick-figure drawing qwith big breasts drawn over it ]

Adam Friedberg: I remember there was this one scene where a dude was talking to himself, and I was like, “Why don’t we add two naked ladies, just going to TOWN on each other?” Let’s just say the scene started working! [ he smiles with a wide set of braces ]

George R. R. Martin: Andy is, uh, a visionary

[ cut to Adam overseeing a scene ]

Adam Friedberg: No, no, no, no! I can’t see any BUTTS in it!

George R. R. Martin: He knows that even when I didn’t write sex into a scene, uh-uh-uh-uh… I was definitely thinking about it.

[ cut to Adam watching a nude scene and giving a thumbs-up to the camera ]

Kit Harrington: Adam’s so involved with the show that I’ve even seen him take his work home with him.

[ reveal Adam swiping a pair of panties from Wardrobe ]

Kit Harrington: I’ve never seen anyone so driven. He spends all his time on-set.

[ reveal Adam sitting next to the Director as a sex scene is filmed ]

Director: And… CUT!

Adam Friedberg: Bathroom break!

[ cut to another shoot ]

Adam Friedberg: Bathroom break!

[ cut to another shoot ]

Adam Friedberg: You guys, I’m gonna hit the head!

Kit Harrington: He does take a lot of bathroom breaks. [ he frowns, as it hits him ]

Therese Sullivan: Adam says this is my good side:

[ the camera pulls back to reveal her arms separated above and below her breasts ]

Adam Friedberg: Last week was one of my MOST inspired scenes. I was like, “In that corner, can we get some people doing it doggy-style. And then, a dude peeping at that be all, ‘Looks good to me!’ And then we pan down and see he’s got a naked lady working on his wang! And then, another dude peeping on that, and he’s like, ‘Tell me more!'” And all of that aired on TELEVISION… right after “Rango”! [ he smiles wide ] IT’S HBO!!

Announcer: Coming up, ADam gives us a glimpse of next week’s episode.

[ reveal Adam pushing two fingers up against two fingers and making rocket noises ] [ fade ]

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