SNL Transcripts: Mick Jagger: 05/19/12: Mick Jagger and Jeff Beck perform “Tea Party”

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  Season 37: Episode 22

11v: Mick Jagger

Mick Jagger and Jeff Beck perform “Tea Party”

…..Mick Jagger
…..Jeff Beck

Mick Jagger: My roots are in Blues music. I love the Blues because, in any era, the Blues talk about what’s on people’s minds. So here’s some Blues that I wrote about the presidential election. And here’s a man who can really play the Blues like nobody else — Jeff! Beck!

[ dissolve to Jeff Beck wailing on his electric guitar, as Jagger comes forward and playfull hogs the stage ]

Mick Jagger: [ singing ]
“If you want to sleep in the West Wing
Yeah, you got to strategize a bit.
Yeah, you want to sleep in the West Wing
You want to keep that private bowling alley
You got to strategize a bit.
Yeah, you’re gonna have to raise about a hundred million dollars
Or you’re gonna end up so deep down in the shit!

Mr. Romney, you know, he’s a mensch
But he always plays it straight up there.
Mr. Romney, he’s a hard workin’ man!
And he always says his prayers.
Yeah, but there’s one little thing about him
Don’t ever let him cut your hair!”

[ instrument break ]

Mick Jagger: [ singing ]
“Who’ll be the president come November?
Well, it’s anybody’s guess.
That’s right!
Who’ll be sitting in the Oval Office?
Who can say?
I must confess.I betcha, betcha six months, he’ll be screaming
“Won’t you let me outta this mess?!”

Jeff Beck!

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