SNL Transcripts: Seth MacFarlane: 09/15/12: Wooden Spoon Warehouse


 Saturday Night Live Transcripts

  Season 38: Episode 1

12a: Seth MacFarlane / Frank Ocean

Wooden Spoon Warehouse

Ezekiel Yoder…..Seth MacFarlane
Elijah Yoder…..Tim Robinson

[ open on Ezekiel and Elijah Yoder holding wooden spoons ]

Elijah Yoder: I’m Elijah Yoder.

Ezekiel Yoder: And I’m Ezekiel Yoder.

Elijah Yoder: Our family has been making and trading wooden spoons for over 100 summers!

Ezekiel Yoder: And now, thanks to a conversation my brother had with a fast-talking concrete-dwellin’ man, you can now purchase our wooden spoons on something called… Internet.

Elijah Yoder: To see our wooden spoons, just select these symbols on your light box!

[ they hold up the web address “” on a sign ]

Ezekiel Yoder: Double valley, Double valley, Double valley. Time freckle. Double valley, Owl’s eyes, Stringless harp, Broken ladder, Hurt snake, Fine snake, Fat snake, Owl’s eyes, Hurt snake, Double valley, Lean-to, Fat snake with a sex penis, Broken ladder, Horse bridge, Child’s toy, Bull scrotum, The river what took my son… [ he bows his head ] The three-fingered man dot com.

[ fade ]

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