SNL Transcripts: Daniel Craig: 10/06/12: Long Island Medium

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  Season 38: Episode 3

12c: Daniel Craig / Muse

Long Island Medium

Theresa Caputo…..Kate McKinnon
Client…..Taran Killam
Victoria Caputo…..Vanessa Bayer
Woman #1…..Aidy Bryant
Cook…..Fred Armisen
Woman #2…..Nasim Pedrad
Wife…..Cecily Strong
Husband…..Bobby Moynihan
Larry Caputo…..Daniel Craig

Announcer: This season, on “Long Island Medium”:

[ cut to Thersa Caputo walking down the street, spraying on deodorant, etc. ]

Thersa Caputo: I’m Theresa Caputo. I like to think of myself as a typical Long Island mom. But — I have a very special gift: I talk to DEAD people!

[ Theresa walks past a graveyard ] [ cut to Theresa with Client #1 ]

Thersa Caputo: Okay — your father’s showing me, like a, like a big pot of SAUCE! [ the client smiles ] Okay, he wants you to know he’s at peace… and he has the sauce.

Client: [ crying ] I’ve been waiting SO LONG to hear that!

[ cut to Victoria Caputo ]

Victoria Caputo: It doesn’t matter where she goes, my Mom, like, always finds someone with a dead relative.

[ cut to Thersa in a supermarket ]

Thersa Caputo: Hey, would you look at that hunk of ?? Isn’t that gorgeous? [ turns serious ] Who’s the young man who passed on suddenly?

Woman #1: [ crying ] My FRIEND!

[ cut to Theresa in another part of the supermarket ]

Thersa Caputo: Two egg rolls, please.

Cook: Okay.

Thersa Caputo: [ serious ] Did your mother drown?

Cook: [ crying ] She drowned in a river…!

[ cut to Theresa in a sauna ]

Thersa Caputo: Does the word “Caribbean” [?] mean anything to you? It’s like a little… metal thingy that you use when you go rock-climbing.

Woman #2: [ crying ] My whole FAMILY died rock-climbing!

Thersa Caputo: [ excited ] Oh, my God… I really AM a MEDIUM!!

[ cut to Theresa solo ]

Thersa Caputo: One of the problems with being a medium on Long Island, is that a lot of people have shared experiences with their loved ones.

[ cut to group session ]

Thersa Caputo: Okay… uhhh… who had the grandfather who choked on a meatball parm?

[ everyone in the room raises their hand ]

Everybody. Okay… uhhhh… His name was Sal.

[ one man lowers his hand ]

Thersa Caputo: Short for SalvaTore.

[ the man raises his hand again ]

Thersa Caputo: Well, they’re all at peace… and they’re all bowling.

[ everyone in the room claps their hands ]

Thersa Caputo: Yes! This is what I do!

[ cut to Theresa solo ]

Thersa Caputo: The thing about Long Island is, no one’s phased by a medium just coming up to you!

[ cut to Theresa approaching a woman in the supermarket ]

Thersa Caputo: My name is Theresa, I talk to the dead…

Wife: Yeah?

Thersa Caputo: I’ve seen your husband…

Wife: Yeah?

Thersa Caputo: He’s in a very bad place… he looks a mess, he looks terrible.

[ pan over to reveal the husband standing right there ]

Husband: Hey, FUCK you!

[ cut to Larry Caputo ]

Larry Caputo: Theresa’s always working. Last week, we went to this nice picnic. Just the four of us — her, me, our daughter… and this little guy! [ he points to his goatee ] Of course, Theresa — she can’t help herself.

[ cut to the Caputo Family on a picnic ]

Thersa Caputo: I’m seeing nuts… whose father loved nuts? Anybody? [ she turns to a squirrel ] Was it you? Okay. He wants you to know that he loves you… and he’s at peace.

[ cut to footage from all the previous locations ]

Thersa Caputo V/O: Being a medium isn’t just my job. It’s my life!

[ cut to Theresa solo ]

Thersa Caputo: Like I always say: I may be a medium… but at Chico’s, I’m a large! You may not be laughing, but your gradparents were! ] she points to Heaven and smiles ] [ fade ]

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