SNL Transcripts: Jennifer Lawrence: 01/19/13: B108 FM


 Saturday Night Live Transcripts

  Season 38: Episode 11

12k: Jennifer Lawrence / The Lumineers

B108 FM

Richard…..Taran Killam
The Buffalo…..Bobby Moynihan
Busty Rhymes…..Jennifer Lawrence
MC Jiggle Butt…..Vanessa Bayer

[ exterior shot of the B108 FM Radio station ]

Radio Announcer: [ typical radio air horn sound effect ] You’re listening to Richard and The Buffalo. [ Moo sound effect ] On B108. Shakopee, Minnesota’s home for blazing hip hop!

[ interior of the radio station show radio DJs, Richard and The Buffalo, swinging around some white t-shirts ]

The Buffalo: Yeaaah! It’s five o’clock in the morniiiiing!

Richard: Yooo! Who be 108?

The Buffalo: Yo, we B108!

Richard: Yeah!

The Buffalo: The best and only hip hop morning show in Shakopee, Minnesotaaaaa!

Richard: You know this. I’m Richard the Investigator, AKA Rowdy Doody!

The Buffalo: Yeaaah! And I’m the Buffalo! AKA Cedric the Caribeana.

Richard: What!

The Buffalo: AKA Osama Bin Luscious [ strokes his dreadlock beard ]

Richard: Hup! Yeah, that’s right! This is the hip hop station where the party never stops!

The Buffalo: And is in fact the first to start. Yo, it is *mad* early.

Richard: Oh man, we gotta keep this energy up or we will straight up pass out! [ laughs then sort of grimaces ]

The Buffalo: Yeah! Even Al Roker’s still asleep!

[ Richard and The Buffalo laugh ]

The Buffalo: Ya heard?

Richard: [ turns to microphone and announces in a quiet voice ] It’s 5:02 in the morning. [ resumes his more upbeat voice ] It is so early that the internet is working super fast.

The Buffalo: [ nods ] Yo.

Richard: Yo, mad props to wi-fi, though.

The Buffalo: Yeah, mad props.

Richard: Alright, let’s introduce our intern. She is a lyrical assassin, a master of rhyming, Ms. Busty Rhymes!

[ pan over to Busty Rhymes beside Richard ]

Busty Rhymes: What’s up, y’all? Richard, Richard, Richard! Give me a beat, give me a beat!

Richard: Oh yeah! Okay, here we go! Here we go!

The Buffalo: Oh shoot! Oh shoot!

[ Richard starts making beatboxing sounds, The Buffalo chiming in with record scratch noises every so often ]

Busty Rhymes: [ rapping ] Busty Rhymes in the house, ‘cus I’m the greatest. Y’all better recognize because… yup, yup. Uh huh. Who?

[ they stop beatboxing and look at each other, a bit confused ]

The Buffalo: Ooh. Yo, you did not rhyme nothing! Straight up.

Richard: Busty Rhymes, you gotta work on that. You have not earned your name.

The Buffalo: Yeah. You gotta practice.

Busty Rhymes: I know I didn’t rhyme nothing but here’s a verse, right back at ya’! Give me a beat, give me a beat!

Richard & The Buffalo: Alright! Okay!

[ they start beatboxing again ]

Busty Rhymes: [ rapping ] La di da di da di. We likes to party. We don’t cause trouble because nu-uh. Who said that? I did? You did? Nope.

[ once again the beatboxing comes to stop and the DJs shake their heads ]

The Buffalo: Oh, so close.

Richard: I don’t…

The Buffalo: So close. I mean, you said *words*. That was nice…

Richard: I mean, the charisma’s there. You’re pretty to look at but dayum.

The Buffalo: Damn, girl. Damn. You gotta make better decisions.

Richard: Alright. Alright, Busty. Why don’t you tell us about our big promotion: ‘Wake Up And Win’!

[ there’s an alarm clock sound effect and Richard and The Buffalo mime sleeping ]

Busty Rhymes: That’s right, Shakopee! This week’s ‘Wake Up And Win’ is two tickets to see rapper, Flo Ridaaa!

[ radio air horn sound effect as the two DJs excitedly swing two white shirts over their heads ]

Richard: Yeeeaaaaaah!

The Buffalo: Flo Rida! Flo Rida! Yeah! Oh man, this is gonna be off and popping, yo! Fun fact: Flo Rida is from Florida. Which is the farthest place away in the world.

Busty Rhymes: Believe dat. So be the 108th caller and win right noooow!

[ she points at Richard and The Buffalo who strike a pose and occasionally look down at the phones, waiting for a caller. After a long pause… ]

The Buffalo: Okay, why don’t we get back to that. Yo, let’s bring out our news lady. Her name is Karen but we hate that so we call her MC Jiggle Butt!

Richard: Yeah Jiggle Butt!

[ Richard plays her in including an echo-y: “News!” We pan out to see a conservatively dressed woman scoot in on a rolling chair ]

MC Jiggle Butt: [ in a calm, news anchor type of voice ] Alright, come on, guys. It’s a new year, let’s start on a good foot. Here’s the news-

[ the two radio DJs immediately interrupt her with “Woah woah woah”s ]

Richard: What’s that?

The Buffalo: Jiggle Butt. Do it the way we asked you to do it, Jiggle Butt!

Richard: Do it the way you promised!

The Buffalo: Come on, Jiggle Butt, you got this!

MC Jiggle Butt: [ She sighs but agrees ] My name is MC Jiggle Butt and it’s cold as heeeell!

[ the others erupt into cheers with Richard and The Buffalo swinging around their shirts and Busty Rhymes fist pumping ]

The Buffalo: That is on point, Jiggle Butt!!

Richard: That’s got flava!

The Buffalo: Jiggle Butt!

Richard: Makes me wanna call you Karen, almost, Jiggle Butt!

The Buffalo: Oooooh!

MC Jiggle Butt: [ back to her professional news voice ] Alright, here’s today’s headlines. Shakopee is undergoing its worst flu season in years with more than 800 cases already reported.

Richard: Aww yeah, believe dat.

The Buffalo: Oh, er’rybody in the club got the sniffles.

Richard: Er’rybody in the club [ sniffs twice to the beat ]

The Buffalo: [ whispers ] Oh ah.

Busty Rhymes: Yo yo yo. Yo, here it is. Give me a beat, give me a beat. I got it.

[ the DJs agree and once again start with their beatboxing ]

Busty Rhymes: [ rapping ] If you stuffed up in the club ‘cus you got the flu. You know when you sneeze you gonna say, “Uh oh. What up. Heeeey”.

[ Richard and The Buffalo stop, looking frustrated ]

Richard: Nobody says that when they sneeze.

The Buffalo: Why did you stop?

Richard: Nobody says that when they sneeze!

Busty Rhymes: Shut up…

The Buffalo: You were so close! You were so close! [ He drinks a cup of coffee ]

Busty Rhymes: They will.

Richard: You were right there. You messing with me!

Busty Rhymes: They’re gonna say that now.

MC Jiggle Butt: Alright, well. Flu shots are available at St. Francis Hospital and are especially recommended if you’re having the following symptoms.

Richard: [ dramatically ] Bum bum buuuum! Give us the symptoms, Jiggle Butt!

The Buffalo: Jiggle Butt!

MC Jiggle Butt: Fever.

The Buffalo: Yeeaaah! Word. Word. Word.

Richard: Word.

MC Jiggle Butt: Muscle aches.

Richard: Only if I’m working out.

The Buffalo: Muscle aches, I got them…

MC Jiggle Butt: And dizziness.

[ cue radio air horn sound effect as Richard and The Buffalo pull out the white shirts and start swinging them around ]

The Buffalo: Oooh! Dizziness! Yo! I got that, yo! I got that! Yo, Imma kill myself…

[ The Buffalo suddenly passes out ]

Richard: Damn. Buffalo, you alright? You got a little spill.

[ The Buffalo shakily gets back to his seat ]

The Buffalo: Yeah. I think I got the flu. Pretty sure I got the flu.

Richard: Well, damn. Then you should get a flu shot just like everybody else out there, yo.

Busty Rhymes: Yo, yo, yo, I got one this time! I got the- the, just… Give me a beat!

The Buffalo: You got one?

Richard: Alright, I’m trusting you on this but I have a feeling I’m being set up to fail.

Busty Rhymes: Just do it, do it, do it!

[ Richard and The Buffalo start up their beatboxing ]

Busty Rhymes: [ rapping ] It’s the flu season so you’re gonna have issues. If you get the sniffles get a big box of Kleenex.

[ Richard and The Buffalo stop, just looking outraged ]

Richard: I knew it! I knew it!

The Buffalo: Why would you say “issues”-

Richard: [ quietly ] I knew it.

The Buffalo: -if you’re not gonna say “tissues”?!

Richard: Shame on me!

The Buffalo: I swear…

Richard: Shame on me!

The Buffalo: I swear, Busty…

Richard: You know what I mean?

Busty Rhymes: Shut up…

The Buffalo: If you were not my wife’s kid…

[ there’s a pause and the DJs resume their radio friendly personalities ]

Richard: Yo, we gotta take a break. Haha. Coming up, me and Mayor Brad Tabke gonna have a McMuffin eating contest,

Busty Rhymes: When McDonalds opens in two more hooouurs!

The Buffalo: Oooh! Mayor McPlease!

Richard: [ laughs ] We be Richard and The Buffalo on B108 and we be right baaack!

[ exterior shot of the radio station ]

The Buffalo: I’m tired.

Richard: I’m so tired…

The Buffalo: I’m so tired.

Richard: Oh my God.

The Buffalo: I’m so sick.

[ fade ]

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