SNL Transcripts: Jimmy Fallon: 12/21/13: Baby It’s Cold Outside


 Saturday Night Live Transcripts

  Season 39: Episode 10

13j: Jimmy Fallon / Justin Timberlake

Baby It’s Cold Outside

Girl…..Cecily Strong
Guy…..Jimmy Fallon
Friend…..Kenan Thompson

[ open on couple sitting together ]

Girl: [ singing ] “I really can’t stay.”

Guy: [ singing ] “But baby, it’s cold outside.”

Girl: “I’ve got to go away.”

Guy: “But baby, it’s cold outside.”

Girl: This evening has been.”

Guy: “Been hoping that you’d drop in.”

Girl: “So very nice.”

Guy: “I’ll hold your hands, they’re just like ice.”

Girl: “My mother will start to worry.”

Guy: “Beautiful, what’s your hurry?”

Girl: “My father will be pacing the floor.”

Guy: “Listen to the fireplace roar.”

Girl: “I really can’t stay.”

Guy: “Oh, but it’s cold outside.”

[ they snuggle on the couch, as the camera pans upward out of view ] [ SUPER: “Twelve Minutes Later” ] [ the camera pans back downward ]

Guy: “So… should I call you a cab?”

Girl: “But baby it’s cold outside.”

Guy: “You know, it’s really not bad.”

Girl: “You said it was cold outside.”

Guy: “You can still catch the bus.”

Girl: “I’ll make breakfast for us.”

Guy: “It’s just a few blocks away.”

Girl: “Tomorrow, we’ll hang out all day.”

Guy: “I have an early thing tomorrow.”

Girl: “Got a toothbrush I can borrow?”

Guy: “I have a meeting at my work.”

Girl: “At last, a guy who isn’t a jerk.”

Guy: “I really can’t stay.”

Girl: “It’s starting to storm out.”

Guy: “But, baby, it’s warm outside.”

[ he opens the door and lets snow fly into her face ]

Girl: “Are we still on for next weekend?”

Guy: “I have no idea what you’re talking about.”

Girl: “You said you’d take me antiquing.”

Guy: “I have no idea what you’re talking about.”

Girl: “You said it when you…”

Guy: “Right.”

Girl: “Bought me those drinks.”

Guy: “Baby, I said a lot of things.”

Girl: “Do you really think I could act?”

Guy: “Can’t believe I said that!”

Girl: “You know, this isn’t my coat.”

Guy: “Can you take the trash when you go?”

Girl: “We should stay up late.”

Guy: “She’s not getting it.”

Girl: “But baby it’s cold outside.”

Guy: “But, baby, it’s warm outside/”

[ the phone rings ]

Guy: “Hello.”

Friend: “Hey man you want to hang out?”

Guy: “Oh, of course, the important meeting.”

Friend: “What are you talking about?”

Guy: “The meeting got pushed even earlier?”

Friend: “Oh, are you with a girl?”

Guy: “Yes, that’s correct!”

Friend: “Then I’ll leave you alone.”

Guy: “Okay, boss, I’ll see you in the morn.”

[ she returns wearing his sports jersey ]

Girl: “Do you mind if I sleep in this?”

Guy: “This is getting too serious.”

Girl: “You know I’m just as nervous as you.
But who knows what this could turn into.”

Guy: “I don’t know what to do.”

Girl: “Here’s a clue.”

[ she kisses him ]

Together: “Baby it’s cold outside!”

[ fade ]

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