Magic Bridge


Aidy Bryant

John… Kyle Mooney

Troll… James Franco

Cathyann… Cecily Strong

[Starts with a clip of forest.]

Aidy: I think we’re lost.

[Cut to Aidy and John]

John: Sorry, I’m not Johnny Scout.

Aidy: Well, there’s a light over there on the other side of this bridge. So, let’s just head to that.

John: I said I’m not Johnny Scout.

Aidy: I know, I’m not mad at you./

John: I’m not that guy!

Aidy: Okay, let’s just cross the bridge.

John: Exactly what I was saying.

[As Aidy and John are crossing the bridge. The smoke appears and the voice is speaking.]

Voice: Step left, step left, step right, step right

[Troll appears]

who dares to cross this troll bridge tonight?

[Cut to Aidy and John]

Aidy: Oh, my god! It’s a troll.

John: Look man, what are you gonna do to us?

[Cut to Troll]

Troll: Well, I’ll let you pass of course, if you pass my test. Ha-ha-ha-ha.

[Cut to Aidy and John]

John: Let me handle this. I bet he wants us to answer a riddle.

[Cut to everybody. Cathyann comes out from under the bridge.]

Cathyann: Oh, no. That’s not true. That’s not true. That’s something he used to do.

Troll: Cathyann, I’m pretty sure you promised to stay under the bridge. Let me do my thing.

[Cut to Aidy and John]

Aidy: Oh, my god. Oh, my god. It’s another troll.

[Cut to Troll and Cathyann]

Cathyann: Are you for real? That’s just the rudest thing you could say. No, I’m not a troll. I’m a woman like you, or me, or Michelle Robama.

Troll: [whispering] Cathyann, you are my BFF. But you can just stay in your lane. [talking in manly voice] Sorry, folks. Back to me. Rawr!

[Cut to Aidy and John]

John: If she’s not a troll, why is she here?

[Cut to Troll and Cathyann]

Troll: It’s complicated. But, Cathyann had an issue with her landlord. It got messy. And I said, “Why are you even dealing with that stuff, Cathyann?”

Cathyann: Yeah! My landlord lied on me because she is a C-U-N-Thursday! But this troll saved my life. At lease my sanity.

[Cut to Aidy and John]

John: Mr. Troll and Cathyann, can we just please just solve the riddle so we can cross?

[Cut to Troll and Cathyann]

Troll: Not so fast! Riddles are fun but something’s a miss, to cross my bridge I require a kiss. [laughing] [Cut to Aidy and John]

Aidy: A what?

[Cut to Troll and Cathyann]

Cathyann: No, guys, he used to do riddles. But with the internet, you just Google the answer. So, it’s no fun.

Troll: I love riddles. Stupid Google. Anyway…

Cathyann: Yeah! So, now, you have to give him a kiss. And I’m not talking about the friend zone kiss. I’m talking like romantic boyfriend girlfriend type of stuff, okay? So, who is first?

[Cut to Aidy and John]

Aidy: Wait, so we have to kiss you to cross the bridge?

John: I’ll kiss you, but you’re not kissing her. She’s my fiance.

Aidy: Why don’t you kiss your friend Cathyann if you wanna kiss somebody so bad.

[Cut to Troll and Cathyann]

Troll: Oh! No, no, no, no. That duck don’t quack that way! She and I are like brother and sister.

Cathyann: Oh, yeah, coz I can’t even see my real brother no more coz they tried to get the money second [unintelligible], and I told the judge he only had two of red wine and that was it. The judge care nothing on me until the real C-U-N-Tuesday. Oh, but Bill Cosby can walk free, yeah right! Don’t you see problem in that? Hello!

Troll: Okay, okay. Cathyann, you’re getting yourself wormed up. I know, yeah, she starting to [unintelligible], so not worth it.

Cathyann: Okay, do it right coz it’s not about me. That’s about one of you need to kiss my troll.

[Cut to Aidy and John]

John: Hey, I told you, you can have me but not my fiance.

Aidy: John, stop telling everyone I’m your fiance until I say a definite yes.

[Cut to Troll and Cathyann]

Cathyann: Ooh! Racky romance. I can definitely relate to that guy coz my boyfriend and I are long distant. He trying to be a rapper but he lives in San Diego until I can get out there and live with him. Oh man, I’m gonna get me a tan.

Troll: No! No! Cathyann, don’t talk about leaving. That makes me so sad.

Cathyann: Well, enjoy me while you can. Am I right, you guys?

[Cut to Aidy and John]

John: Right, right. Let’s just do the stupid kiss.

[Cut to everybody. John and Troll walk on the bridge.]

Troll: The pact is made, the magic begun, just one kiss and we are done.

John: I can’t believe I’m doing this.

[John and Cathyann kiss] [Cut to Cathyann]

Cathyann: Wow! Go John! Go John! Look at him go. You earned that bridge, John.

[Cut to Aidy, John and Troll. John and Troll are still kissing.]

Aidy: John, enough. Enough! And yes, I will marry you my brave boy.

[Cut to John and Troll. John looks at Aidy, turns around and then start kissing Troll again.] [Cut to Cathyann]

Cathyann: Troll, you must be happy now, huh? It’s supposed to be, but I’ll do it, they just walk a different way.

[Cut to John and Troll]

Troll: Well, task is completed. You are having fun. You two are GTG, good to go.

[Cut to everybody. Aidy and John cross the bridge.]

Cathyann: See you later, guys.

[Aidy and John leave]

Troll: Oh! I’m gonna miss that woman I just kissed.

Cathyann: What? You gotta get your eyes checked. That was not no woman. That were a man and a woman and you kissed a man one.

Troll: Oh! It’s official, huh? I’m bisexual.

Cathyann: Oh, come on! Let’s go under that bridge and laugh.

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Author: Don Roy King

Don Roy King has directed fourteen seasons of Saturday Night Live. That work has earned him ten Emmys and fourteen nominations. Additionally, he has been nominated for fifteen DGA Awards and won in 2013, 2015, 2016, 2017, 2018, 2019, and 2020.

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