Mr. Riot Films


Kyle Mooney

Mario… Beck Bennett

[Starts with ‘A MrRiotFilms production’ video bumper.] [Cut to Kyle and Mario vlogging in their apartment]

Kyle: Wad up, YouTube? As you know, we’ve made a lot of socially conscious videos that have changed the way you look at the world around you.

Mario: Like when we showed you awareness of when we gave a homeless man $100.

[Cut to the video of Kyle and Mario giving a homeless man $100.]

Homeless man: Oh, my god! Thank you very much!

[Kyle and Mario start jumping and hugging] [Cut to Kyle and Mario in vlogging]

Kyle: But there are other problems in America too. Like, bullying.

Mario: That’s right. Which is why we put a mirror of the society to see how people would react when a bully was put in front of their very eyes.

Kyle: That’s another MrRiotFilms YouTube social experiment. Let’s go!

[Cut to MrRiotFilms video bumper.] [Cut to Kyle eating his burger in a restaurant. The video is taken from far away outside of the restaurant.] [Mario walks to Kyle and grabs his burger and eats it.]

Kyle: Hey, what are you doing? That’s my burger.

Mario: It’s mine now. What are you gonna do about it?

Kyle: Give it back to me. You’re acting like a bully.

Mario: I don’t care. Who’s gonna stop me?

Kyle: Give it to me!

[Kyle and Mario turn to people sitting next to them]

Mario: xcuse me, guys. Can I ask you a question? Why didn’t you stop me?

Kyle: He was being a bully to me.

Random person: That’s my bad.

Mario: You could have stopped me. You could have help him get his burger back and have impact to stopping bullying in America today.

[Kyle and Mario shake hands the those people]

Kyle: Alright, thank you. Just keep an eye around.

Random person: Good luck to you guys.

[Cut to Kyle and Mario vlogging]

Mario: Yo, but sometimes the biggest bully in life is the way society treats women.

Kyle: So, we wanted to see if anyone would change a course of history when they are face to face with injustice. Let’s go!

[Cut to MrRiotFilms video bumper.] [Cut to Kyle and Mario in the shopping mall. Kyle is dressed as a woman but still is speaking like a man.]

Kyle: Hi, I’d like to apply for the new job.

Mario: Yeah, we can maybe give you the job but we’ll pay you less than a man.

Kyle: But that’s not fair. I can do the job just as good as a man. Plus, I got better qualifications.

Mario: No, I don’t care.

Kyle: [calling out a person passing by] Excuse me! Excuse me! Sir! You’re walking away from a woman who is being denied equal pay. Why didn’t you say anything?

Random person: No comment.

Kyle: What’s that sir? Come on y’all.

Mario: Gotta make our voices heard!

Kyle: No comment? And that’s part of the problem, isn’t it?

[Cut to Kyle and Mario vlogging]

Kyle: Every year, millions of children go missing. But if you saw a child who is lost, would you even do something about it? Let’s do this.

[Cut to MrRiotFilms video bumper.] [Cut to Mario dressed up like a child with a teddy bear and a board that says ‘LOST’]

Mario: [to a random person] Can you help me find my mommy?

[Kyle walks in]

Kyle: Ayo! Everybody just walking away right now? Well, you all are on your cell phones sipping on your lattes. This kid almost died coz he was lost.

[Mario pretending to be crying]

Mario: Yo, I’m just a scared little kid. Why didn’t y’all try to help me? No, but it’s actually me Mario from MrRiotFilms. And I can’t believe y’all right now.

Kyle: We’re done y’all! We’re done!

Mario: Damn!

Kyle: Be part of the change.

[Cut to Kyle and Mario vlogging]

Mario: But that doesn’t even comparable what we found out in our final experiment. That’s its not just people being bullied.

[Cut to Kyle wearing a dog costume. There’s a bag of dog food and his plate in front of him.]

Kyle: [to random people] Excuse me, feed me. I’m a dog.

[One woman walks to him and pours the dog food into his place] [Mario comes by running]

Mario: Excuse me! Excuse me, miss. Thank you. Um, you know, we don’t need the dog food but why did you decide to feed this dog?

Random woman: He asked me to.

Kyle: I actually have very awareness to tell you ma’am. I’m not a dog.

Random woman: I know you’re not a dog.

Kyle: Well, we just wanna say congratulations coz you have a social revolutionize. We appreciate it. Thank you, ma’am.

[The woman leaves being confused]

That’s change.

[Kyle and Mario hug each other.] [Mario comes by running]

Mario: Well, there you have it.

Kyle: Bug up for your video next week. Well, we’re about to do a funny skit where I play Master Chief from Halo and he getting in trouble with his girl.

[Cut to animated game story. The girl and Master Chief are speaking but the voice is of Kyle]

The girl: I saw you with a girl last night.

Master Chief: Maybe I got a twin. Oh, snap!

[Cut to MrRiotFilms video bumper.]

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Author: Don Roy King

Don Roy King has directed fourteen seasons of Saturday Night Live. That work has earned him ten Emmys and fourteen nominations. Additionally, he has been nominated for fifteen DGA Awards and won in 2013, 2015, 2016, 2017, 2018, 2019, and 2020.

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