Pogie Pepperoni’s


Charline… Leslie Jones

Reg… Beck Bennett

AC Santano… Kyle Mooney

Nathan… Pete Davidson

Ashlyn… Aidy Bryant

[Starts with Charline showing Reg and AC Santano around Pogie Pepperoni’s]

Charline: Alright, so we got the soda machines right here. We got the big prizes, small prizes. You guys, we just need you to  initial and sign this in.

Reg: Oh, sure. Yeah.

AC Santano: You got it.

Reg: Absolutely.

Charline: And congratulations. You guys are officially members of the Pogie family.

Reg: Okay. So I just got hired at Pogie Pepperoni’s, the place that practically shaped my childhood.

AC Santano: Games, the best pizza in town, and some of the most coolest people I’ve ever met. Yeah, sounds like a normal job to me.

Reg: Yeah.

[Charline is looking confused]

Charline: I have a couple of more things for you here. [Charline passes them the employee shirts] Here’s your uniforms.

Reg: Okay. My very own Pogie shirt. Coz that’s normal.

AC Santano:I’m sorry, just to clarify. That’s Pogie Pepperoni on a skateboard about to go in one of his famous adventures.

Charline: Yeah, I mean, I guess so.

AC Santano: And I imagine we have to leave these here at work?

Charline: No. You can take them home, just wash them. Make sure they’re clean.

Reg: So we can actually wear these out? Meeting new people? Coz that’s not a huge game changer in my life.

AC Santano: I’m sorry. And how much will these be costing us?

Charline: They’re free man.

AC Santano: That’s normal. Okay.

Reg: Okay.

Charline: Actually, I forgot something. I’ll be back in a sec.

[Reg and AC Santano are smiling]

AC Santano: Don’t say anything.

Reg: Why would I say anything?

[AC Santano screaming at each other]

Reg and AC Santano: Dude! This is awesome.

Reg: We work at Pogie’s.

Reg and Reg: Oh!

Charline: What’s that?

AC Santano: Oh, nothing miss Charline.

Reg: Everything in order, miss Charline.

[Charline takes Reg and AC Santano to the game section. Reg and AC Santano are wearing the staff shirt.]

Charline: Alright, here’s 20 tokens each. Y’all supposed to play the games so you’ll know about them.

Reg: Ah, excuse me. What was that last part?

Charline: Employees get tokens to play the games.

AC Santano: We’ll probably just have access to what? One, two games ups?

Charline: It doesn’t matter, dude. Play whatever you want.

Reg: Okay.

AC Santano: So, Frogie Frenzie, Rockers or Range, any of em’?

Reg: This sounds like normal work activities to me.

AC Santano: Yeah, that definitely happens at all the places we work at.

[mic speaker calling Charline]

Charline:  I gotta go deal with that.

Reg: Okay.

AC Santano: Oh, no problem.

[Reg and AC Santano are smiling]

Reg: Don’t say anything.

AC Santano: I’m not saying a single thing.

Reg and AC Santano: [To each other] Dude! This is awesome.

Reg: We’re rich.

AC Santano: Look at all these tokens.

[Reg and AC Santano walking around]

Reg: And this day officially can’t get any better.

[AC Santano slowly looks away and sees a person in Pogie costume walking towards them]

AC Santano: Please tell me that’s not who I think it is.

Reg: Um, Pogie is walking up to talk to us right now.

[The Pogie opens his Pogie head. it’s Nathan.]

Speaker Nathan: Hey, you must be the new Pogie recruits. I’m Nathan.

Reg: We are [pointing at himself] Reg and [pointing at AC Santano] AC Santano.

Speaker Nathan: Oh. I’ll try to remember that. Anyway, I got five minutes before this dumb ass three PM Pogie parade. I’ll see you both later.

[Nathan walks away]

Reg and AC Santano: See you Pogie.

Reg: Because I guess, we’re friends now.

AC Santano: Don’g freak out.

Reg: I’m not freaking out.

Reg and AC Santano: [to each other] Dude! This is awesome. We just met Pogie Pepperoni.

AC Santano: And he’s played by Nathan who seems like a really cool guy.

Reg and AC Santano: Ah!

Speaker Nathan: [from far away] Hey, are you guys cool?

Reg: Cool. Yeah, we’re cool.

Speaker Nathan: You don’t seem like it.

[Cut to Reg and AC Santano serving pizzas to the kids. Charline walks in with Ashlyn]

Charline: Reg. AC Santano.

Reg and AC Santano: Yes, miss Charline.

Charline: This is Ashlyn. The owner of Pogie Pepperoni’s.

[Reg and AC Santano’s head pop up and confetti is falling down] [Cut to a tribute video that at the end says “Pogie’s remembers AC Santano & Reg, Employees from 2:45 PM to 3:06 PM]

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Author: Don Roy King

Don Roy King has directed fourteen seasons of Saturday Night Live. That work has earned him ten Emmys and fourteen nominations. Additionally, he has been nominated for fifteen DGA Awards and won in 2013, 2015, 2016, 2017, 2018, 2019, and 2020.

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