Jake Tapper


Jake Tapper… Beck Bennett

Mike… Bobby Moynihan

Kellyanne Conway… Kate McKinnon

[Starts with Jake Tapper in his news set]

Jake Tapper: And that will do it for us on ‘State of the Union’. As always, I’m Jake Tapper. Fareed Zakaria “GPS” is next.

Mike: And we’re out.

[bell ringing]

Jake Tapper: Alright, thanks everyone.

Mike: Hey, great show, man. And for what it’s worth, I think it was the right call not to let Kellyanne on today.

Jake Tapper: Thank you. I mean, the White House offered her. She just had too many credibility issues.

Mike: Yeah. I’m glad you drew the line.

Jake Tapper: Thanks. Well, have a good night, Mike.

Mike: Alright, man.

Jake Tapper: Back at it tomorrow.

Mike: Have a good night, Jake.

[Cut to Jake Tapper gettin in his apartment. As he is turning the lights on, Kellyanne Conway is in his kitchen.]

Kellyanne Conway: Hello, Jake. [Jake Tapper is shocked] Do you want a drink?

Jake Tapper: Jesus! Kellyanne, what the hell are you doing here?

Kellyanne Conway: I just want to be a part of the news, Jake.

Jake Tapper: And this is how you do it? By breaking into my apartment?

Kellyanne Conway: Well, what was I supposed to do? You weren’t answering my calls, you changed your number. I’m not going to be ignored, Jake!

Jake Tapper: You don’t get it, Kellyanne. You made up a massacre. We can’t have you on.

Kellyanne Conway: [flirting and getting close to Jake Tapper] But I miss the news. I want to get a mic. I want to feel that hot, black, mic pressed up against my skin. [trying to seduce Jake Tapper] Oh, is this the tie you wore on the news today? Smells like good news. Let me taste the news on your face.

[Kellyanne Conway licks Jake Tapper’s cheeks]

Jake Tapper: Kellyanne, no! We can’t have you on TV if you’re just going to keep lying!

Kellyanne Conway: Okay, fine. I’ll do something else. [Kellyanne Conway pulls out a knife] I’ll do something really crazy. [Kellyanne Conway licks the knife] What if I do a free commercial for Ivanka’s shoes, life on air? Would you like that, baby?

Jake Tapper: What? No. That’s illegal.

Kellyanne Conway: So what? [Kellyanne Conway throws the knife and sticks it on the wall] It’s just a little ethics violation. Think of the clicks, Jake. Click, click, click. Don’t you see? I don’t do this for me. I do it for you. You need me. You need to press me.

Jake Tapper: No, I don’t.

Kellyanne Conway: Yes, you do. You need to reach inside me and you need to pull out the truth.

Jake Tapper: You’re insane!

Kellyanne Conway: You’re a hunter, Jake! You know that the truth is? Your feet, you wanna chase it.

Jake Tapper: [yelling] Enough! It’s over, Kellyanne. You’re sick. You’re toxic. You are done.

Kellyanne Conway: We’ll see about that. If I can’t be on TV, I’ll go somewhere else. I’ll call Huff Po live.

Jake Tapper: No, you won’t. [Kellyanne Conway walks away and makes the phone call] No one watches that.

Female voice on phone: Hello, Huff Po live.

Kellyanne Conway: No. [Kellyanne Conway throws the phone away] [crying] Sorry, Jake. I just want to do my polls again.

[Jake Tapper walks to Kellyanne Conway and tries to comfort her. Suddenly Kellyanne Conway turns around and pulls a knife on Jake Tapper’s neck.]

Put me on the news, Jake!

Jake Tapper: Okay. Okay. I’ll text Fareed Zakaria. You can go on his show.

Kellyanne Conway: Fareed Zakaria? I have an office in the [bleep] White House.

Jake Tapper: Okay. What about Carol Stello?

Kellyanne Conway: Do I look like Kayliegh McEnany to you?

Jake Tapper: No.

Kellyanne Conway: Then why are you trying to f* me like I’m Kayliegh McEnany?

Jake Tapper: Okay! Okay! You can go on our show. Whatever you want. You win! Whatever you want!

[Kellyanne Conway leaves Jake Tapper]

Kellyanne Conway: Okay, great. Thanks Jake.

Jake Tapper: [coughing] You’re a monster.

Kellyanne Conway: Actually, no. I am just Kellyanne Conway and I always get my Kelly on con–

[Kellyanne Conway falls down out of the window] [screaming] Ahh!

Jake Tapper: No! Kellyanne! Oh my god!

[Jake Tapper looks down the window. Kellyanne Conway opens her eyes, fixes her broken body herself and stand.]

Are you okay?

Kellyanne Conway: Actually, I am fine, but I do only have three lives left. See you on the news. [winks]

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Author: Don Roy King

Don Roy King has directed fourteen seasons of Saturday Night Live. That work has earned him ten Emmys and fourteen nominations. Additionally, he has been nominated for fifteen DGA Awards and won in 2013, 2015, 2016, 2017, 2018, 2019, and 2020.

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