Taco Math


Heidi Gardner

Jessica Chastain

Mikey Day

Aidy Bryant

Heidi: Sure, yeah, holidays are fun, but I’m glad to be back in LA. And I’m ready to kill it this New Year.

Jessica: Well, yeah. I have such a good feeling about 2018. I’ve already started reading a book. My resolution was to expand my mind.

Heidi: Oh, my god! So was mine. I’m like, a week into this brain work app I downloaded. It’s just like, 30 seconds seconds a day a math, 10 seconds of word search, and 20 seconds of shapes. It’s like, one minute a day and I’m already smarter.

Jessica: That’s amazing. Those apps really work.

[Waiter walks in]

Waiter: Hey, ladies, did you decide what you wanted?

Heidi: Um, yes. I’m gonna have a bean tostada and a chicken taco.

Waiter: Okay. Tacos are buy one get one free. So, do you want another taco? It’s free.

Heidi: I mean I might waste it but, okay. I’ll just get another chicken Taco.

Waiter: Okay. And, for you?

Jessica: I’ll have cheese enchilada and a hard shell beef taco.

Waiter: Okay. You guys could do that deal together then.

Heidi: Wait, what?

Waiter: Um, she could have your taco.

Jessica: [to Heidi] Did you want a beef taco?

Heidi: No, I want it chicken.

Waiter: Yeah. She’d just be getting your beef one for free.

Heidi: But she want it beef.

Jessica: I ordered a hard shell beef taco.

Waiter: Yeah, yeah. You would get her free taco.

Heidi: Wait, I’m so confused.

Jessica: Me too.

Waiter: You know what? Don’t worry about it. I’ll just put it in.

Heidi: No, wait. Let me think coz I’m trying to use my brain more.

Waiter: Okay. Great.

Heidi: Oh, oh, I get it. But I’m getting two chicken. Are you cool with a chicken taco?

Jessica: That’s like, the one meat I feel bad about. I had a pet chicken when I was little and we were really close. But if I have to…

Waiter: No, you don’t have to. You can still get beef.

Jessica: I’m like, so confused. Wait, I can do this. Hold on. [thinking hard] [to Heidi] Did you want beef?

Heidi: Argh, usually I would, but I ate all this raw hamburger last weekend and I got really sick.

Jessica: Why did you do that?

Heidi: I was like, being funny. But, I mean, I like, literally have been throwing up beef for days. But I mean, I feel bad. I can get beef. I can’t promise I’ll keep it down.

Waiter: No, no, no. You don’t have to get beef. You can still stick with your original chicken.

Heidi: Oh my god, I think I’m gonna need my app for this. [Heidi pulls her phone out of her bag and shows it to Jessica] See, this is it.

Jessica: Aw, cute app.

Heidi: Ha-ha. That’s Cornelia. He brings me my homework but he’s actually pretty cool.

Waiter: Um, ladies, I can just–

Jessica: [interrupting] Excuse me! We got this!

Heidi: Okay. So, the blue square is the chicken taco. And if the red car is the beef taco.

Jessica: Then the free taco would be…

[Heidi and Jessica think hard but can’t figure out.]

Heidi and Jessica: I don’t know what it is.

Waiter: Okay. It’s easy. You’re just getting her free taco. Okay? So, it’s like you never ordered.

Jessica: But I did order. I was here. Did you not write it down?

[Aidy walks in]

Aidy: Hi. I couldn’t help but overhear everything you’ve been saying. And I need for it to stop. Okay. I’m gonna pay for all your food, so now, all the tacos are free.

Jessica: No. Only one of them is free.

Heidi: Yeah. So, thank you but this is a private conversation.

Aidy: Oh my god!

[Aidy walks away]

Jessica: You know, we actually might need another minute with the food.

Waiter: Okay. Can I get your drinks? It’s two for one Margaritas.

Heidi: Oh, we can’t drink. We’re performing a surgery after this.

Jessica: Yeah, we’re surgeons.

Waiter: What? You guys are surgeons?

Heidi: Why? You think women can’t be surgeons?

Jessica: Let’s get out of here.

[Heidi and Jessica stand and leave]

Waiter: No, that’s not– that’s not what I said.

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Author: Don Roy King

Don Roy King has directed fourteen seasons of Saturday Night Live. That work has earned him ten Emmys and fourteen nominations. Additionally, he has been nominated for fifteen DGA Awards and won in 2013, 2015, 2016, 2017, 2018, 2019, and 2020.

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